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Look at the prolouge of this new book!
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The Sphinx Chronicles
book one:
The Beggininng
chapter One.



She held the small blue earth in her hands and sighed. How boring the humans were!Everything seemed the same, peasents would do back-breaking work,buliders, and scribes would build temples, and write inscriptions to the gods, the preists and priestess would praise the gods and keep the temples clean,nobels and highbornes would do whatever they did, and go to parties, vizers, generals, armies, phararohs, queens, princeses, and princesses would do whatever wanted to. BORING. When was something BIG going to happpen? What hapened to destiny, and adventure?Isis had been asking herself this same question for years, now. 100 to be exact. She had pondered the thought of changing something in the human world, like a purple sky instead of a blue, a child flying, something to amuse her! But Osiris objected. He thought the human world was just fine. Isis loved Osiris, but really, he didnt know how to have fun.Isis groaned again. She stared down at the blue ball. It was so little! The only reason she held it in her hands today was to think better. Osiris was at a meeting with Ra, and Amun.What he didnt know wouldnt hurt him. Isis could see that Osiris knew she was going to try to do something. He had eyed her strangly when he left.Oh well! She had better get started before he got back! She looked at the earth and knew immediatley that Osiris had not put a force shield, or magic rebeler on it. So she was home free. The only thing left to do, if she was going to do this, was decied who to change, or what, and what to do with them, or it. Isis closed her eyes and searched her brain. Now that she actually had the chance, a purple sky didnt seem so good. It would terrorize the people! A child flying would probably terrorize it's mother! Horrible!It would have to be something adventurous, or about destiny. Or both. A smile crept upon Isis's lips. She would make a destiny! An adventurous destiny! But who to cast it on? Isis looked down at the earth again. She could see the people doing their own work, and everything. Then her eyes roamed up to the northern palace in Per-Hay. It was a peceful estate, and word had it the queen was currently staying there, for Mennefer was to loud and busy for her. She was with child. With Child! That was what Isis would do! She would give the queen's baby a destiny!But what kind?Isis bit her lip, and sat still. Finnaly, after what seemed a millinum to Isis, but it was only 5 minutes, she poined to the queen, who was asleep in her bed. Isis stered hard at her, then thought alittle more. What prophacy can they complete? she thought. A few minutes later a bright idea poped in her head."Why, they will complete the milinum prophacy!" Isis stopped and thought back to the milinum prophacy.Back when Osiris was king, and she his queen, their brother Set, bacame jelous of their popularity among the people.So, he tricked Osiris, locked him in a box, and killled him. then he cut him up in 12 pieces.Isis grimaced. She had to look everywhere for him. and she never fond ALL of him. 1 piece was gone, and after she had breathed life into him, and had made him king of the underworld, did she find out a fish had ate it. A fish.But, anyway, Set became SO angry when he found out, that he tried to curse Osiris. But his aim was off, and he cursed a piece of land.Set thought that was good enough so that Isis and Osiris's people would be cursed. A million years later, The Sphinx was built there. While workers were fixing it, it was almost finished, Set started his curse, and a man fell to his death. His name was millinum, and it was said he came back into a magical scroll, so when whoever was meant to find it would, he could help them stop the curse. And they also needed a ring.Isis's ring. So, Isis thought, "The Queen's baby will be that person. And so Isis pointed at the queen, and told her everything. About Osiris, her, and Set. And milinum, and the Sphinx. When Isis was finished she smiled to herself, and took the earht in her hands. She put it on her dresser and contiued to look hapily at. "It is complete." she stated dreamily and went to sit on her bed.
DAY AFTER DAY for nine months, Isis checked on the queen, making sure she and the baby was fine. They always were, except for a little bit of indegestion. One particular day, as Isis was going to sit in the courtyard of the great palace of the underworld,she saw somethig that shocked her. Nephys was there. Nephys was Isis's sister, and they had been the best of friends. HAD been. One night, Nephys got the most ludacris idea. To dress up as Isis and sleep with Osisis. "Absoultley ludacris!" Isis had screamed when she found out."What is WRONG with her?" Nephys got pregnant, and nine months later had, Osiris's son, Anubis. Isis and Nephys kept their distances after that,Isis not wanting to even look at her former best friend, and Nephys being to guilty. "Nephys," Isis whispered, and Nephys softly replied, "Yes, sister. It is me.
"I know we havent seen each other in a long time, but i think its time to apologise.aI am so sorry. I was, after all married to SET. and,i want my best friend back."
Isis was stunned, and touched by the words her sister spoke.
"Nephys," she stated."I understand. I think. Set is mad, absoultley mad, and mean. Were you jelous?"
"Yes!Osiris was so nice to you, never bossing you around ,and crazy stuff like that."
"Well, you dont have to, and Osiris can get hotheaed sometimes."
The two sat and stood in silence for some time, before Isis, groaned and said, "Come here!" Nephys jumped up, and they hugged. Isis felt happy imn her now best friend's arms."Are we okay now?" Nephys asked, and Isis's mouth opened. of course! We always were."
"SO WHAT ARE YOU HERE for, sis? "Isis asked and picked up a red rose. While she twirled it in her fingers, Nephys beagn her story."Set sent me here. To tell you, that your"little plan" for the queen, wont work. He's puting the curse on even worse, when the baby grows to 11 years. And, what plan do you have for the queen?" "Oh, well,okay, well, um," Isis sputtered. She was shocked and angry now,shocked because she had no idea Set knew about her prophacy, and angry because she knew he was going to try to mess it up."Spit it out."Nephys ordered, and Isis sighed and began."Okay, so like, the earth was really , and i mean really getting boaring, so i twicked some things up, a little bit." "A little bit?" Nephys asked, one eyebrow raised, because he knew her sister. "Yes, a little bit." Then she told Nephys everything. About the prophacy and the queen. "I just wanted to see something excitng." "Something exciting?" Nephys asked, then snorted.and Isis rolled her eyes."Yes, something exciting! Is that too much to ask?" "Yes."Nephys stated.
"The humans are boaring for a reason."
"Well, they need to be exciting."
"Isis! You are messing with unborn babies, and,the queen if Khemet,what if they die, what if they dont come out, what if-"
"All babies have to "come out", Nephys. And this one will come out, also.It HAS to! "
"Just because, wouldnt understand." Nephys normaly had about 100 crazy moments a day, all because, and Isis was sure it was this, when they all, she, Osisirs, Set, and Nephys, were children, and Nut, their mother, was asleep, played hide and go seek. Nephys was a baby, Isis and Osisis toddlers, and Set almost 6.Osisirs was to count, and so,Set ran off in a diffrent direction, leaving his younger sisters alone. They stood there for a few secongs, then Isis gethered some strength, that she had in her young toddler-goddess body,and carried her sister away. They could hear Osisirs's screams"One million! Two hundred! 6! 1000!" as they came across a treehouse they normally played in. Isis thought was the perfect place to hide, so, she told Nephys to hold on tight, and she climed the ladder. Once inside, she told Nephys to be quiet, and the girl obyed. But the, one minute, one second, no one NANOsceond later, Isis had turned to look for Osisis, to see if he was around, and Nephys was gone. She couldnt gone to the back of the tree house, for that was just a few crawls away. Then Isis heard a scream, and saw that Nephys was on the ground.Because Nephys's screams were so loud, Nut heard her, and came to the rescue. No hide and seek after that.

SET LAY IN BED, awake. he stared at his wall, his devious mind forming an evil plan to stop his sister. What should he do?What shall he say? In truth, he had NO idea how to make the curse worse. He had looked at the earth one day, and saw that the queen looked diffrent. prophacy-wise. Then he saw immediatley, the prophacy. How could Isis do that to him?Her brother? Even though he was evil, he was still her brother,her flesh and blood.
ONE DAY, Isis sat in her favorite chair. It was gold and purple, and way more comfrotable then it looked.She was eyeing the earth with her right eye, that still lay on her dresser. In front of her, her son, Hourus paced. He had just barged in her chambers, but she had said nothihg when she saw how troubled he was.
"What is wrong, son?"
"It's Hathor, she-"
"Yes.Hathor. I love her, and she is ig-"Horus sighed, and sat down on a sofa on the far side of the right wall.
"She is,"
"She is,"
"She is-"
"SPIT IT OUT, MAN!!!!" Isis ordered."ENOUGH of these, she is, she is, WHAT is she DOING?"
Horus stared at his mother, then squeaked"Igonoring me."
Isis was quiet for a moment, then split the silence with laughter.
"You laugh, mother?"Hours asked quietly.
"YES! Horus, sometimes people ignore people, okay. That dosent mean they dont LOVE them!!"The goddess continued laughing and the god stood, and walked to her dresser.He stared quietly down at the earth for a few minutes before he replied"Mom. The queen is giving birth."Isis's laugh cut short.
"Giving birth?"
Isis stood, and ran to her dresser, she almost bumped it over, because it was only a few steps away, and she crashed into it.She stared hard down at the earth. Watching the queen give birth brought back memories of having Horus. Suddnley Isis felt drousy, for having Horus wasnt a very good time. And then, before anyone could say supercalifragulisticexpealidousous, Isis had passed out.

OSIRIS STARED ANGRILY at his wife. "Isis," he stated quietley, for she had just wakened up from passing out, "Today, as I hear you've heard, the queen gave birth."
"And, you, passed out."
"And, Set, he told me all about your"prophacy."
"Scince when do you hang out with Set?"
"Scince when do YOU make PROPHACIES?"
"I didnt MAKE this one, Osiris. I copied it. It's MILINIUM'S prophcy. Remember?The poor man who fell from the sphinx?"
"Yes...I do. But Set tells me you planed it for the queen's BABY."
"BABY.The queen gave bith to twins."
"Wha-TWINS?!!!!!!!!!" Isis spttered. Twins. What was she to do with twins?Isis hated doubles, triplets, and quardruplets. One baby was FAR from enough.
"Yes, and, scince you came up with that damned plan, you have to watch them."
"Exscuse me?"
"You heard me right, woman. WATCH THEM."
And Isis groaned.

A FEW MONTHS LATER, SIX TO BE EXACT, Isis sat in the garden again, with Nephys. Isis was trying to get some sleep, and Nephys was picking floweres for the good of it. "Isis," Nephys began, and then turned to see her sister sound asleep.
Nephys groaned,and said again"Isis! Wake up!" she only got a snore form the goddess."Isis?" "ZZZZZzzzzz..."
Nephys frowned, then took a deep breath,"ISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Her scream was so loud, not only did Isis wake up, she fell out of the chair she was sitting in.
Isis, a bit shaken up, Nephys could see it in her big brown eyes, whispered"Wh-wha-what?"
Nephys was always a screamer. Remember the hide ansd seek incident?
"Why are you so sleepy?"
Isis's eyes bulged out at her little sister.
"Why are you so sleepy?"
"Why do you think?Those humans drive me crazy!"
"The little ones."
"little ones?"
Isis groaned, and stood up.
"The babies."
"Dont you dare say, babies."Isis muttered, eyes narrowed at Nephys.
"They are SO busy! Buiser than Horus when he was a wee babe, and he was the buisisest child I've ever seen! Untill now,that is..."
"Horus?" Nephys repeated, not this time being a crazy moment, but because Horus WAS a VERY busy baby. He would play with arrows, tumble down stairs, bite peoples feet, scream louder than Nephys,bite Kheni Ameni's tail, (which he very much hated,)pull hair, cry, and when they had gatherings, chase around little Hathor, trying to kiss her.
"How busy can they be?"Nephys asked quielty.
Let me show you." Isis walked over to her dresser where the blue ball still sat."Look down."
Nephys lowered her head.
"Look North."
She did.
"Now look into the palace, and look for the little ones. I wonder what trouble they are in now."
Nephys did, and what she saw amazed her.

to be contiuned.

Tis came from from Phooey61's portfolio.



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