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  Ancient Egypt puzzles For kids

Below are puzzles that should be printed, colored, and then put back together again.  To ensure the puzzle is durable, lamination is suggested or the puzzles can be printed on thicker paper.  For more advanced and older children, all five puzzles can be printed, colored, and mixed together.

These puzzles may be used in classrooms or in a home setting.

kids puzzles


  Mummies were placed in several coffins that fit neatly inside each other.  The wealthy and royal members of society had elaborate coffins made of gold and wood.    

  The pyramids were large ancient tombs used to protect the pharaoh's body.  Unfortunately, these large tombs acted more like magnets to tomb robbers and everything was robbed from the pyramids.  

  King Tut was a young pharaoh that was given the throne as a child.  He did not live that long as a pharaoh and his death remains a mystery.  Some historians believe he was murdered while others believe he died of an illness.  

  Farmers in Ancient Egypt depended  upon the Nile to water their crops.  Every year the Nile would flood and this would bring about fertile soil for plant growth.  Once the grain matured it was harvested and stored.  

  Horus was a popular god during the reign of the Ancient Egyptians.  Many pharaohs thought of themselves as living incarnations of the falcon headed god.  Horus was a mighty god born from Isis.  




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