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Reincarnated or Lost Decedent
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:42 am 
Tomb Robber

Joined:Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:08 am
As a child I didn't speak at all and I didn't smile for anyone. My Mother said that I looked as though I had the whole world on my shoulder. Actually, she thought I was a note or slow lol. So, with that being said, I can't say I was one of those children who spoke of a past life.

Although, growing up and still to this day I have always been intruiged by certain things in relations to Ancient Egypt even before I knew anything about Ancient Egypt. So, I assure you, before you dismiss my claims, that I am being 100% honest in everything I share with you all.

One of the very first things I can vividly remember, as a child, is loving the sound of gravel as I walked on it or the way it would crackle under moving tires. Could this be in relation to the sound of chariots riding in the desert? Of course how the sound of horses galloping is exciting to me. I have always loved the water on this Earth, the way it moves and the cool breeze it brings with it. When I was 8, I had been given seeds to grow various plants, fruits and vegetables. I was so excited I came up with a plan to plant watermelon. The plan was to place an old wooden ladder down and place a seed in each section. I successfully grew small watermelons, with no help, which eventually rotted in the Arizona desert heat and my ladder had been taken over by termites. Maybe, I have a hidden agricultural skill like the Ancient Egyptians?

Architecture is what really drives me though. I am naturally artistic and I have keen eye for beauty. Which brings me to the first time I ever seen the Luxor Hotel in Vegas. I can't really explain the feeling. Even though I was 500 miles away from it I could feel it's energy. Pyramids are the most beautiful architecture, I think, I mean my favorite shape has always been a rhombus which is 2 triangles put together! Growing up my favorite thing to draw, besides cars and trucks, was buildings and floor plans. I am strange.. I know.. I thought I was different at very young age. I had an obsession with the sky, besides thinking the sun and moon were following me, I wondered what was beyond outer space? I imagined we were just dust in a glass ball and God kept us in his cabinet as as a collection, or that once you reach a certain point in space everything would just turn white. I don't know if that's a common thing for a kid to think about? Now that I'm older I am interested in time travel, astrology, numerology, etc.

If I was reincarnated, I definitely came from the golden era. The fact that I recently saw, thanks to google, that I resemble Amenhotep III statues a great deal from his facial structure, muscle tone, to the fingers and toes. Or could I be a descendent of the long lost Ankhesenamun? Could she have ran away? If she did; Did she goto Asia or Spain? Theoretically so because I am half asian and because, as disgusting as it sounds, there are 2 members, I know of, from my Asian family that are birthed from incest. These are 2 different occurrences by different people in my family. One is mutated and the other is perfectly normal. But that has to be thousands of years of incest to reoccur centuries later as if it was a genetic disorder. Which the Ancient Royal Egyptians were known for incestuous behaviors. I was also thinking Spain because my Great Grandpa was a conquistador and that is the side of the family with the incest gene for sure.

Do you think she may have wrote to the Hittite King to send a prince as a distraction for her get-a-way?

I hope whoever is reading this doesn't judge me for speaking about my incest family members. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you for the sake of science and to raise new question's about the Ancient Egyptians. After all these years their god-like presence is still strong.


Re: Insider news about the Ackhanaten family
PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 9:51 am 
Tomb Robber

Joined:Sat Mar 01, 2014 8:28 am
I'm a former catholic priest and since leaving the ministry in 1969 I've been on a search for deeper spiritual realities, studying religions, philosophies, and quantum physics. Along my trail I was able to contact several past reincarnations, one of which was in Egypt during the reign of Ackhanaten. Sigmund Freud was correct when he said Ackhanaten and Moses were the same person. That's my discovery too. From my past life during that period here's what occurred.
Ackhanaten in an earlier incarnation was an Indian rishi who broke from the traditional worship and belief of many gods. He bolted from an assembly of enlightened rishi in a strong belief that only one supreme god existed and should be worshipped. This was the beginning of Monotheism on planet Earth. Centuries later when he was sired by Amenhotep III he found strength in the Egyptian royal family to establish his core belief and worship to Aten, the Sun God. First he had to rid the country of the powerful cabal of priests, and this he did by moving to Amarna and positioning himself as the sole intermediary to the Sun God and dismantling the polytheistic structures in the country. Then when the fury of the priestly forces aroused the nation to declare Ackhanaten a heritic, he fled the nation and went to Mt. Sinai, and there created the story of Moses receiving the 10 commandments on tablets of stone.
When he returned to Amarna a plot to kill him had been formulated which involved using Nefertiti, who very likely was unaware of the plot, who was instructed to lead Ackhanaten on a visit to his already constructed burial tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Upon entering the tomb, the pharoah was suddenly crushed to death by falling stones. This is the explanation why historians are unable to find his body.
Many centuries later this same spiritual being became incarnated under the person of Mohammad, who as we all know, launched once again the belief in the one god Allah.

Note the similiarities of these 3 incarnations - - Ackhanaten, Moses, Mohammad - - - :
1. All three strongly denounced polytheism as an evil.
2. Each one positions himself as the sole and best intermediary to the throne of God
3. Each one used fear of punishment to enforce surrender to the one God.
4. Each one employed force and destruction to establish his monotheistic structure..
4. Great mystery surrounds the life and works of these three.

Little did that first incarnation of the Indian Rishi understand that THE GOD WHOM HUMANITY HAS BEEN SEEKING AND WORHIPPING FOR MILLENIA IS BOTH ONE AND MANY.
Having understood this, the history of mankind would have been much more peaceful than it has been.


PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:56 am 

Joined:Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:49 am

You could very well be a descendant of Ankhesenamun, hehe we may have something in common.

I know that there is a lot of people that don't believe in reincarnation and i respect that and at one time I didn't until my own experience.

My experience with seeing my old memories as Hung Foot made me change my thoughts about what happens to us after we die. I'm forever grateful for my experiences.

To answer your question about Ankhesenamun, she did fled but not to the far east, but to live with her older sister Mery(Meritaten), Setepenre, and Tentenaten(or Tenta'aten) who was the daughter of Kiya, my full sister, and the true first and fourth princess at Amarna.

Mery got disgraced after for trying to prevent the priest from throwing away the aten cult. She want as far as denying Tut his right on the throne. This was enough to banished the widowed queen and my other two siblings. Mery begged Ankh and Tut for them to changed their minds but they looked away from her and she was banished but it wasn't long for Ankh to meet her own disgrace. Sometime after, very late at night, Ankh came banging at Mery's door pouring her poor eyes out with tears

I'm sorry" she cried. Feeling sympathetic to her beloved sister, Mery forgave Ankh and allowed her to live with her. So the truth is that she lived the rest of her life in scrutiny and a top servant under the reign of Ramses I and Seti I. Get this, the time of Horemheb is dated wrong, it should be at least four years and one month not Fourteen years.

Why, well when I returned I was 19 years of age and Horemheb was not on the throne it was the Rammesides. Neferneferuaten and Neferneferure came later, they were like the wonder twins they looked almost identical and stayed close to each other every step of the way. Its my belief that they were sent away to live elsewhere during the era of Tut leaving Setepenre, Mery, Ankh, and Tententaten behind.

Life wasn't all that good working with Seti who hated our guts, but his heart changed after he fell in love with me. I didn't know what it was that sparked his interest in me but he loved me. Perhaps it was my beautiful feminine features or my wide hips, I didn't know but he had my heart and I had his. Our love invoked some of Seti's monuments, but its sad neither of us was able to finish it. I left just after the time Ramses II was born after the time when the King shamed me in front of many civilians. I turned against Seti, my hate even spawned up the Nubian rebellion, which the king did fought in.

I ended dying by a severe stab wound in my left rib cage(which i still suffer its defect til this day)

After my own death I was able to see my sisters lived happily. I saw Ankh marrying a Nubian male and leaving to Ethiopia where she spawned her first child, This memory gave me the indication that Ankh started my family line, which means that I'm a descendant of Ankhesenamun.

Here's a twist to even my own story. I think that Tut may have also married Ankhesenpaaten Tasherit, who I believe wa a daughter of Queen Nebetnehut and some unknown man.

I've took upon myself and studied that DNA test and I couldn't help but notice some markers of kv55 were similar to kv55(Who is Akhenaten by the way, papa was between 25-27 years of age when I last saw him) and I came to a conclusion that she was his sister. I believe that the first Ankh served as Ankhkheperure Neferneferuaten as co-regent during the first half of Tut's reign and was kicked to the curve herself.

kv21a is not the Ankh that you all think she is, that's someone totally different. My sister had ugly feet but not to the capacity that she wouldn't been able to walk.


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