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Are the Vyse inscriptions genuine?
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Howard Vyse & the Khufu inscriptions
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:10 am 

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In 1837, Vyse opened 4 chambers, each of which contained inscriptions, the other chamber opend by davidson contains none.

With only one trivial exception, all of the inscriptions he found were on the N S & W walls, not the east wall he broke though with dynamite.

His diaries contained an alteration showing that he found a stone fragment with khufu's name after opening the chambers.

wellington's chamber, the first one opened contained a cartouche, but nothing was said publicly nor were any experts allowed to view it untill may 19th after the first chamber had been opened for 6 weeks. On Apr 14th the british cosul requested a copy of the inscritions, but Vyse instead had his artists copy the ones in a nearby tomb.

Mariette refused to acknowledge their validity & Gardiner doesn't mention them at all in his history.

Perring the artist wrote, that the red ochre paint was still used in 1837 & "such is the state of the preservationthat it is difficult to distiguish between marks of today & those of 3000 years ago.

The crew - khufu inspires love is a little suspicious, as other such workers comments are less evangelizing of their boss, eg The crew - menkaure is drunk, is a good example.

the 2nd "workers" inscriptionis The craftsmen's crew - the white crown of khunum kuefui is powerful. This uses the Hem glyph, which is a drill, this is associated with fine art craftsmen, not the masons who make massive blocks. a similar inscription is found on a decorated adze The crew - beloved white crown of sneferu craftsmen's division.similar ones are found on other artistic objects The arbuthnot chamber contains 6 different attempts to produce the khunum kuefui cartouche.

The entire theory of who built the great pyramid is based on these many mispellings, rubbings out & numerous failed attempts to write a simple phrase.

any thoughts?


PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2008 8:32 am 

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The "one trivial exception" you mention as to location of the inscriptions is the basis for accepting their reality.
One of the inscriptions, done in red ocher, is half-way UNDER a block. The only way it could get that way was if it was on the block BEFORE it was placed in the pyramid.


Howard Vyse the Khufu inscriptions
PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:09 pm 

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Now that Howard seems to have left his TBD suicide note- can we either find out who he was, or get an obituary?


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