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What if ancient Egypt Never Fell....
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:43 pm 
Tomb Robber

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I have been pondering this "What if?" question for years, as long as I have been reading about ancient Egypt.

What if ancient Egypt never became "ancient"? What if the culture, the Pharaohs, the temples never fell and still existed today, and had adapted to the contemporary world?

I know history has made it impossible for ancient Egypt to survive to the modern day given the succession of invasions of the Nile Valley as well as the rise of new religions.

Yet on a PURELY hypothetical plane, just use your imagination to consider what Pharaonic civilization would be like in the 21st century.

Actually when you look at India, and see that Hindu culture(s) are still very much alive and well, and has and continues to adapt to the modern world, I personally do not believe it such a stretch to imagine a "21st century Kemet"

What level of technology and intellectual acumen would they have achieved if say their temple-libraries never had been destroyed?

Would there even BE a Christianity or Islam if ancient Egyptian culture never died?

How would Western history/civilization (and by extension, the history of the Americas) would have been affected and changed?

Everything that we take as a given in our contemporary world would be called to question and reconsideration if this civilization never fell. Taking into consideration the influence Egypt (Kemet/Kmt) had on the near East, the West, the monotheistic religions, etc. I don't think the global implications of a still-extant ancient Egypt cannot be understated.

The questions that could arise the more one thinks about it get very numerous...

I would appreciate any input to this "what if...?"


PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:34 am 

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Once they developed civilisation the Egyptians do not seem to have been very innovative. They seem to have been slow to take up things like iron working and coins.
Does anyone know the dates of large scale use of Bronze and iron compared with their neighbours? About the only thing I know they developed after pre dynastic times was the 6 spoked chariot wheel.


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