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( The Root Of Freemasonry Egipt ! )
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PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2007 9:21 am 

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Many wonder if the freemasons received their teaching from the root of Egipt . According to the '' American History Dictionary '' the word freemasonry mean ;
1, The institutions , precepts , and rites of the freemasons .
2 . Spontaneous fellowship and sympathy among a number of people .
Well in the book '' Freemasonry , A Journey Through Ritual And Symbol '' written by ; W. Kirk MacNulty , on page 66 where he states '' this picture of the Masonic aprons goes far in its speculation as to freemasonry origins nevertheless there has been conjecture that freemasonry comes to us directly from Egipt '' .

Here's another book entitled '' Freemasonry Of The Ancient Egiptian '' written by ; Manley P . Hall Where he states '' the language of the ancient Egiptians was rediscovered , and that modern interest in the whole subject of Egiptology is largely due to the impulse given to this field of reserach by the body of learned men whom Napolenon carried with him to Egipt and was published under his patronage a set od massive tomes , magnificently illustrated , setting forth with starting accuracy the art and architecture of the ancient Egiptian empire . It is now generally accepted that the Rosetta stone furnished the master key to the secret knowledge so effectively concealed beneath the old Egiptian hieroglyphs .

But that is not true , it was created as a detour to protect that which is secret . Equipped from the decipherment of this stone , they really thought they had solved it , with the elements of the ancient hieratic alphabet , Egyptplpgist essayed the task of classifying the literary fragment of this magnificent civilization '' .What they did not know is that there were many Egiptian dialects and mystery languages one namely called Nuwaupic , the ancient Egiptian mystery language . They want you to think nothing remain of Egipts ancient glory but crumbling monuments .

battered inscrutable stone faces , that have gazed down upon Nice for these seral thousand years , they are wrong . But what they have not given back is answers to the queries of the secret sciences . The how's and why's of the lips of Khem ( Kam or Kami means '' to be black '' this is where Kham or Ham who was the son of Noach of your bible in Genesis 5 ; 32 ) ( the real Tama - Reans ) are sealed with the dust of time . An alphabet is not a language , and although much progress has been made in the decipherment of the curious legends which adorn the ancient carving , the religions and philosophies of the Egiptians have not yet been released from the symbolic characters to which they were entrusted , only The Ancient Egiptian Order can give you that information .

To express the difficulty in the words of a great Egyptologist , the late Sir . P . Le Renouf wrote ; '' The Difficulty is not in literally translating the text , but in understanding the meaning which lies concealing beneath familiar words '' . A great part of Egiptian literature is cryptic ; its true significance is unknown in the Ptolemaic period even to the mixed race of Egiptians themselves . You should therefore not be too confident of the accuracy of your translations . realizing that be-neath the surface you have lighted with the small ray of our knowledge , which in turm be unfolded .

In the great hall of darkness is a pitch black darkness deeper than Egipt's night where the true Deity of all Deities exist . Now LQQk at the U.S. dollar bill . It is obvious that the mystery of freemasonry comes from Egipt . The eye on top of the pyramid is freemasonry . The eye on the apron , The pyramid has four coener at the base but as it comes up it forms three ; the pyramid on the dollae bill shows three perpendicular angles . These three lines represents the physical , mental , and spiritual . The freemasons believed that nothing grows out of space down from air . Everything grows from out of the ground upwards . Our ancient fathers had this knowledge of the natural world and their sign was the pyramid ... this kind of knowledge was known to the people of ancient Egipt .

Ancient Egiptians built great pyramid and they knew the psychological nature and composition of man . In observing the pyramid on the dollar bill we see the geometrical figures ; the aquare , the circle and the triangel . At the base of the pyramid we find four angles or squares . These four angles or corners symbolically represent the four basic elements of the universe ; Fire , Air , Water . and Earth ( material ) In the ancient mystery system ( freemasoney ) the candidate was tested by each element during his initiation in order to prove his worth . In the 24th Honorary degree of the true 3rd degree of freemasonry we find this same ceremony .

The candidate is tested by fire ( a lighted candle is placed to his arm ) . He is then conducted to the south where a few drops of water is poured upon his head . The base of the pyramid points in the four directions , North East , South and West . Representing the universal constitution of man and various levels of knowledge . This was all rituals that took place in Egipt now you tell me where freemasonry originated from . The Egiptian pyramid that appears on the dollar bill is the Pyramid Of Khufu ( Cheops ) and repesents the Egiptian project , still they don't know how we did it . The word pyramid when separated in two , Pyra meaning '' in our midst '' . Thus you get '' Giving order to chaos '' ,

Which is where the saying on the back of the dollar bill '' NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM '' . Come from . This is the bondage of the Nuwaubians in America the true Egiptians . 400 years under the Amorites , fourth son of Canaan mention in Genesis 10 ; 16 , And I Quote ; And the Jebusite '' desolate dryness '' son of Shingarah , who had a confidante wife named Salimat , Amorite '' mountain dweller '' son of Hitarah , a Halaabean Flugelrod , who had a confidante wife named Qiynat , and the Girgasite '' rough ones '' son of Hildar , a Horite , who had a confidante wife named Betha . < Right Translation In Original Aramic In El's Holy Torah Translated By Dr . Malachi Z. York For H.T.M. >

In A Book Entitled '' The Craft And Its Symbols '' Written by ; Thomas W.Davis , Pg . 10 this shows the apron presented to Washington by Lafayette . Notice that George Washington is wearing a square as a pendant . which symbolizes morality , The word pyramid mean '' middle fire '' that's why we use the Jaheez symbol . Because the Jaheez is the highest symbol in freemasonry , the third degree , 3rd degree burn coming from The Sun Of Righteousness . You see the first degree of freemasonry is the entered apprentice , is symbol of Mahachi , the son of righteousness , Malachi The masons believe that it keeps them in touch with god , and without all three standards the world would perish .


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