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Science of the Pyramids
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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 1:33 pm 

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To Most People The Pyramid Is An Object Of Mystery And Wonder. As A Result, This Ancient
Structure Has Caused Much Controversy In The Realnjs Of Science And Anthropology. To This
Day These So-Called Wise Scholars Don't Know Who Really Built The Pyramids And How They
Built Them. So-Called Professors And Scholars Have Fabricated Great Theories And Have Built
Many Alleged Facts About The Pyramids. They Profess To Have Knowledge Of Its Origin,
Structure, Technology And The Secrets That Are Within These Pyramids Built By Our Ancient
Ancestors. Once Again, They Are Trying To Claim Our Stuff. Their "Theories" That They
Come Up With Are Illogical And They Are Simply Guessing ..

At The End Of This This Post You Will Have A Clearer Picture Of The Ta-Merra (Egyptians Also
Called Khemet, Khamites, Hamites, Mizrymites And Many Other Names) And Their
Accomplishments. The Fact Must Be Acknowledged That The Ancient Egyptian Artisans Had
Great Knowledge Of Theoretical And Applied Sciences, And That They Were Skillful Engineers
As Well. Today One Stands In Admiration Before The Tremendous Stone Monuments With Their
Colossal, Smooth Blocks Of Stone And Their Finely Carved Hieroglyphs And Wall Murals Of
Egypt's Achievements In Its Earliest History. The Masonry In The Pyramids Is Perhaps The Best
Known. The Egyptians Used Decimals In Their Carpentry.

The Boat Builder, And The Potter
Are Frequently Represented On Their Ancient Monuments, And We See The Blowpipe, The
Bellows, The Siphon, Harpoon, And The Razor. They Had Glazed Pottery, The Potter's Wheel,
The Kiln (Ovens For Hardening, Burning, Or Drying Substances Such As Grain, Meal, Or Clay,
Especially A Brick-Lined Oven Used To Bake Or Fire Ceramics). The Ancient Egyptians Also
Had Excellent Specimens Of Glass. From The Time Of Thutmose m, They Practiced Gold
Beading, Wire Drawing, Engraving, And Casting. The Egyptian Grew And Prepared Flax For
Their Looms. There Were Draftsmen, Lapidaries, Jewelers, And Tile Masons.
As You Take A Look In The Past Of Our Great Civilization And It's History, You Will Be
Enlightened, As You Find The True Facts Of Exactly How The Pyramid Was Built, What
Purpose Did It Serve, And What Were They Used For.

I Will Take You Through Our Egyptian Roots, And Reveal To You The Facts That Egyptologist,
And Modern Scholars Has Tried To Cover Up For So Long. Never Before Have You Ever
Gotten The Whole Story Of Egypt, The Pharaohs, And The Science Behind And In Front Of The

Scientist For Years, Have Been Trying To Figure Out And Find Out:

» Exactly How And Why Were The Pyramids Built?

» How Did The Ancient Egyptians Carry The Blocks Of Stones,
With Some Weighing Over 15 Tons To The Pyramid Site?

» What Tools Were Used To Build The Pyramid?

* How Was It Possible For Our Ancient Ancestors To Align The
Pyramids Cardinal Points To True West, East, North And South?

All Of This Was Done, Which Baffled The Modern Scientists, Archaeologists, And Engineers
Who Still To This Very Day And Trust Me, All Of Them Have Tried With All Of Their So-Called
High Technologies And They Still Can't Duplicate The Techniques Of The Great Pyramid Of
Khufu At Giza. Countless Authors Have Written Books About The Pyramid, One Of The Best,
Is A Book Called "The Orion Mystery" Unlocking The Secret Of The Pyramid, Written By
Robert Bauval And Adrian Gilbert By Crown Publishers, Inc. In New York City And "The
Message Of The Sphinx," A Quest For The Hidden Legacy Of Mankind, By Graham
Hancock And Robert Bauval.


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