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( The City Of Memphis )
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The city of Memphis was built by The Pharaoh of Egypt at that time period whose name was Menes ( Pronounced Men -Eez ) . Menes united upper and lower Egypt . Which up to the time of his reign had been divided into two distinet parts Nubia and Cush for some 3100 years , Memphis was the most important city in Egypt there . The Egyptian rulers conducted their affairs of government . It was a very strategic location as A Capital because it was almost exactly halfway between Upper and Lower Egypt .

This made it easy for The Pharaoh to maintain control over the expansion of the empire . Which stretched for Hundreds of Miles from The Mediteranean Sea down into the interior of African continent along The Nile River . Under The 6 Dynasty a new district of The Town grew up . In which Pharaoh Phiops ( Pepi ) l .. Took residence . Building his Pyramid in the vicinity of the town . The Pyramid was given the same name as The Pharaoh , Men - Nefru -Mire , The Beauty Of Mire Remains '' . This name later became Menfe or Men -Nefer and in greek Memphis . The name was derived from the name of The Pyramid of Pepy l , Which appears from the first time in an inscription during the reign of Ahmose .

At Memphis there was located temples for the worship of a deity called Ptah . The greeks identified Ptah with their deity Hephaestus . This was The Patron deity of the city . In fact , the people called the city Khihuptah or Hikuptah meaning '' House Of Ptah '' or '' House Of The Ka Of Ptah '' . Memphis was an important part in The History Of Egypt and was the Religious Center Of Egypt from a very early period . The Temple Of ON was the scene of The Royal Coronation and here , too , The Female Deity Seshat inscribed the years of The Pharaoh's reign on The Leaves Of A Sacred Tree . Here also stood The Obelisk - Shape Column Known As Benbe or Benben , The favorite seat of The Sun Deity .


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