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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:02 pm 
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Is that worse than Soloman?


PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2007 2:56 pm 

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I read a more recent book on Akhenaten.....And the Egyptologist presented proof that Nefertiti was Smenkhare. (I do not know how widely this has been accepted, but he had it all pretty well lined up.) He was discussing how in one relief Akhenaten is seated next to a regent. Many have said it was Smenkhare....(As in a man.) But Reeves, the author, was looking at how many cartouches there were. (I had this really great point, but I have forgotten some things..T_T) Therefore, instead of butchering his proof for anyone who is interested I suggest you check out this book-Akhenaten, Egypt's False Prophet, Nicholas Reeves.

Reeves is also a supporter of the Marfan's theory which was already discussed earlier in the thread. After reading the book and looking at many more sources....I would have to say that Akhenaten suffered from this condition. All of the symptoms are there. (I have many other opinions on this matter as well, but I choose not to say them here...) Speaking of which, Reeves even goes in depth on the topic of Akhenaten's pathology...He begins to the illness would have affected him if he had had it. Such as the fact that most Marfan patients go blind. Akhenaten cold have very well been blind, WHICH would explain why the sense of touch is emphasized so heavily in Amarna art; and the Aten Hymn. (You guys know music was a vocation for the blind.)

Sorry to blab for so long......:P


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