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PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2005 1:40 am 
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can anyone tell me where to get info on Hatshepsut cuz i need it ASAP


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There's an interesting book written by Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt which analizes in a very particularized way this character. But if you don't have this book, or if you don't have time to buy and read it, you can visit
I think you will find my informations good! :wink:


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You may also find these sites interesting:

I also like this site very much:

the only comment on the latter is that the author equates the Vizier Amethu called Ahmose with a man (General) named Ahmose called Pen-nekhbet. I don't know why he thinks the two are the same person. They may be, but I have never seen them equated anywhere else...

And then there's of course the library. See if you can find Hatshepsut by Joyce Tyldesley. It's full of great information.


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Post on Hatshepsut topic:

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Posted: Thu May 26, 2005 6:15 pm Post subject:


Hatshepsut, what a lovely lady!
One of the greatest queens of ancient Kemet was Queen Hatshepsut. While she was known as a "warrior" queen, her battles were engaged with her own rivals for the position of power in Kemetic hierarchy. A born dynast in her own right, Hatshepsut proved to be an aggressive and overpowering force. However, it was not in war, but in her aspiration to ascend to the "Heru (Horus) consciousness," she displayed the strength that has given her a place in history. She adopted the Truth of Maat and became involved in the elimination of undesirable people and elements from Kemet. Determined to be revered in times yet to come, Hatshepsut depicted herself in as many masculine attributes as possible, i.e. male attire, king’s beard, etc. Although she ascended to the throne upon the death of her king-brother Thutmose II, she exerted her rightful claim to the throne. In exercising her power, she involved herself in foreign campaigns, a concentration on domestic affairs, extensive building and commercial ventures. The most famous of her commercial ventures was the Punt expedition in which goods and produce were acquired from the rich market there to be brought back to Kemet. While it would appear that her opponents were not antagonistic regarding her sex, they were so regarding her non-aggressive philosophy.
Even before becoming legal ruler, Hatshepsut, was actively pushing things dearest to the hearts of all Africans leaders: the expansion of foreign trade, international diplomatic relations, perfection of national defense, vast public building programs, securing the South and the North through either peace or war and, one of her "pet projects", building a great navy for both commerce and war. Her success on most of these fronts made her one of the giants of the race.
This is one of my fav's on Hatshepsut:


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