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whether There is in Exodus volcanic eruption?
1. In Exodusis not present volcanic eruption. A mount ' Sinai ' not a volcano. 100%  100%  [ 2 ]
2. In Exodusthere was a small volcanic eruption on a mount ' Sinai '. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 2

Re: Exodus = Easter - the detective comparative analysis fro
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:10 pm 
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vasnas wrote:
. There it is possible to download originals of bibles - from the Sinai code, the Latina Vulgate, Scorina's 1517 up to now

"Exod" (Easter) - the comparative detective analysis from ancient and new bibles.

Respected the manager and moderators, at 40% Russian forums without explanations ruthlessly deleted this theme, forbade me access on a forum, did not answer my objections!

I understand yours, probably, hostility to a material, but these are my personal researches.

To me are not necessary here religious and pholosophy disputes, finding-out of persons and "relations".
I have the right to apply the reason without the sanction and the licence of the state and sects.
To tell, that "the king naked" it is not obligatory to be the scientist, it is necessary to be "child".

It is almost impossible to find the person interested, capable to understand a material. In real of such people has not found on a broader scale, at Russian-speaking forums of their unit from thousand - therefore I here. The others not understanding in what a question essence are silent, mock or is angry offend - any sense from them.

Theme purely historical, because bibles it first of all annals, but at all religious and not the philosophical. For the lack of suitable themes, I prefer branches "flame", etc.

After 70 years of excavation in Palestin it has not been found any powerful proofs of existence of Abraham, the Moseses, Exodusfrom Egypt, a gain of the earth promised..., so the Israeli scientists - archeologists Izrael Finkelstein and Àøåð Ñèëüáåðìàí consider. "The Bible Unearthed"


ATTENTION!!! (The reference to an initial FULL material - texts of bibles under the table)
The MATERIAL UNDER the REFERENCE is offered to be discussed TEXTS of "BIBLES", instead of this table.
Because this table only for attention attraction in separate to places of annals.

"Miracle" version
"Way of life" version
Slaves-Jews built to the Pharaoh of storehouse for products.
Built fortresses as it do in an army peace time.

People of the Pharaoh beat Jews for poor progress in work.
Suppression of distempers mass shooting Jews from fire-arms.

In the earth Goshen, was not dog's (?) flies, as in the earth farao. A miracle.
On the left coast of the river, there were no migrating animals and people.

There was a hailstones and fire in hailstones. - A miracle.
There were hailstones and lightnings.

The exodus was early spring - when we celebrate Easter - the Exodus.
Easter - needs to be celebrated in the autumn, after a harvest!

All greens were eaten by a locust - A miracle.
All greens were "eaten" by a drifting snow.

"Darkness Egyptian" - A miracle.
Catastrophic eruption of a volcano.

Jews have elicited at Egyptians all their jewelry as alms. - A miracle.
Jews marauded, plundered and killed Egyptians.

The Lord went before Jews, showing to them a way, in the afternoon in "a pillar cloudy", and at night in "a pillar fiery". - A miracle.
Smoke column over a volcano in 60-80 km. It is visible on 3-4 thousand km. In the afternoon as "a pillar cloudy", at night the illuminated.

-15:8 (14:16) 
Moses has divided the sea and Jews have passed between walls (on the right and at the left) waters, on a sea-bed. - A miracle.
Has divided the river, and 12 columns - have passed on thin ice having dispersed, ice horizontal a wall on the right and at the left.

Also water on the place by the morning has returned and has covered Egyptians at the bottom.
Also ice to a bottom has caved in, has given way and Egyptians under ice, run towards to water have left.

Jews of Egyptians on other to seacoast the died have seen.
Jews of the got out Egyptians frozen on other coast of the river have seen.

And become sad all inhabitants of Canaan.
Also the ice drift on the rivers because of earthquake has begun.

-17:5 (7:20) 19:12
Moses a staff has struck across Nile. Water was painted in red colour. - A miracle.
Moses's guns 1) beat on a crossing, water stained with blood, stank. 2) beat ice.

If who touchs Sinai - should be killed, only because has touched sacred mountain.
Moses has warned about danger to be killed at volcano eruption by falling and shot stones.

And the FULL MATERIAL - TEXTS of BIBLES In COMPARATIVING into the TABLE under the reference.

This reference is published only because a full material technically here to place it is impossible.
Under the reference there are only interesting endurances from "bibles" - even has cleaned working comments.

The reference duplicate:

... There it is possible to download originals of bibles - from the Sinai code, the Latina Vulgate, Scorina's1517 up to now

I suggest to discuss a material under the reference.
I ask you to add or correct a material, having specified on an interesting verse or the "Exod" word
Ask, you not to force down and not to hammer in a theme, to write on a concrete verse or the "Exod" word.
The theme is devoted only to a finding of places of Exodusinteresting by an information difference.

Thanks for the help!

The only exodus recorded by the scribes of Egypt occurs shortly after the defeat of the Hyksos,when there was a large movement of people to the Levant [Breasted 1906-07?].The most recent C14 date for the destruction of Jericho is about the middle of the 16th century BC.If the Egyptian chronology is reasonably accurate,the demise of Jericho occurred during the 15th [Hyksos] dynasty.


PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:50 am 

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The notion of oppressed Jews building the pyramids and "storehouses" is absolutely wrong! Egyptians did not have that many slaves.
The Exodus may have actually occurred, but not on the scale mentioned in the Bible, and not considered important enough for the Egyptians (who were EXTREMELY careful to record everything!) to have mentioned it, anywhere, at any time.
Easter is a celebration of Christianity, observing the resurrection of the Christ. Good Friday, and the Last Supper, incorporates Passover. Easter, per se, has absolutely nothing to do with the Exodus.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:26 am 

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I would say you are unlikely to see any record of anything that reflects badly on the Egyptians.
And as for accurate records there are several inscriptions by paharohs happliy claiming the deeds of their predecessors so you can not rely on what they wrote.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:16 am 
Egyptian Architect

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tnrees wrote:
I would say you are unlikely to see any record of anything that reflects badly on the Egyptians.
And as for accurate records there are several inscriptions by paharohs happliy claiming the deeds of their predecessors so you can not rely on what they wrote.

That's very true tnrees. Pharaohs down the ages were either notorious for defacing an "unworthy" predecessor's name off the temple walls or using chronicles of their exploits as their own.


PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 11:02 pm 

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Yeah, I'm confused about the Easter Exodus connection too...unless you're talking about the connection to the Passover. The death of Jesus took place right after the celebration of the Passover, when Jews remember how the angel of death passed them over while taking the first born of the Egyptians, which lead to Pharaoh allowing them to leave (until he changed his mind and chased after them).

But the word "Exodus" has nothing to do with the word "Easter" as the word Easter was taken from, I think, a druid religious holiday which happened to come close to when Christians celebrated the resurrection, and somewhere along the line the Christian celebration of the resurrection took on that name.


PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2010 4:26 am 

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According to Bede Easter derives from Eostre an anglo-saxon goddess of spring


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