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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:07 pm 

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Hello nofret and welcome.

I would like to answer your question but I would first like to say that your posts are somewhat difficult to understand, due to their translation from Italian to English.

To summarize your question, I believe you are asking We know of the detailed funerary rites of the Pharaohs, Queens, and Nobles but what of the enslaved, servants, or scribes? How were they buried?

Well we do know of quite a few scribes that had the luxury of an elaborate mummification , burial , and custom made 'Book of Coming Forth By Day' (aka Book of the Dead). The most famous being Ani, the royal scribe of the 19 th dynasty, and the scribe and priest Nebseni also a popular. But these were of course royal scribes and nobles, not slaves, servants or common men.

Im afraid that the luxury of mummification all depended on what the deceased , or the family of the deceased, could afford. From the accounts of Herodotus, we know that there were 3 primary levels of mummification available which the clients selected based on their abilty to pay for these services.

The first and most expensive involved elaborate funerary rites and a complete mummification through removal of the viscera and dehyrdration of the body. Two less expensive processes did not involve complete evisceration. Another process, which was maily used for animal mummification, involved injecting cedar oil through the anus, then plugged to prevent the opil from leaking. The body was covered with natron and then the oil was drained along with the now liquified organs. The bodies were then turned over to the family for burial with any funerary papyri that may have been payed for.

However, this still does not answer the question of what became of the enslaved, servants, or those who could not afford mummification. Im afraid that many may have been buried in shallow graves, or possibly burned to rid of the bodies.

I will research this more and get back to you!


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