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Amarna Architecture
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 7:20 pm 
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Hi everyone,
Just wondering if you could help me out with some ancient history stuff: I need info on Akhenaten's building projects. I've got enough for Akhetaten, but some of his lesser know stuff would be appreciated. I also need to compare his works the that of previous and suceeding Pharaohs. Would be much appreciated!

~nat~ :D


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Off-hand, I can say this: before Akhenaten, temples, pyramids, what have you, were all closed up. They served no more purpose than to do their duty, be it to hold a pharaoh, contain a statue, or other random bit.

As you know, Akhenaten believed that he was the one true god of the Sun, or the Aten (through proxy, of course). His temple, rather than being closed up and dark, was meant to allow the power of the Sun in as much as possible. There were wide open spaces without roofs, for the sunlight to enter. Of course, the temple was one with the city of his so ... creatively named Akhenaten.

A swift completion of the city was pressured upon him, as wherever the pharaoh went, the city went. When he abandoned Thebes for a new city, the population went with him. The city was without shelter, and so small, shotty blocks were used in construction, rather than sturdy ones.

I went through a few of my 'Pharaoh' 'Random Facts' and 'Architecture' binders and had found a couple useful links from my printouts. I don't know if the sites are still up, but I imagine they are. The information I have learned from them must be important, if I have them catalogued.

I hope this helps a bit, and good luck!


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