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Science of the Pyramids
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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 1:33 pm 

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To Most People The Pyramid Is An Object Of Mystery And Wonder. As A Result, This Ancient
Structure Has Caused Much Controversy In The Realnjs Of Science And Anthropology. To This
Day These So-Called Wise Scholars Don't Know Who Really Built The Pyramids And How They
Built Them. So-Called Professors And Scholars Have Fabricated Great Theories And Have Built
Many Alleged Facts About The Pyramids. They Profess To Have Knowledge Of Its Origin,
Structure, Technology And The Secrets That Are Within These Pyramids Built By Our Ancient
Ancestors. Once Again, They Are Trying To Claim Our Stuff. Their "Theories" That They
Come Up With Are Illogical And They Are Simply Guessing ..

At The End Of This This Post You Will Have A Clearer Picture Of The Ta-Merra (Egyptians Also
Called Khemet, Khamites, Hamites, Mizrymites And Many Other Names) And Their
Accomplishments. The Fact Must Be Acknowledged That The Ancient Egyptian Artisans Had
Great Knowledge Of Theoretical And Applied Sciences, And That They Were Skillful Engineers
As Well. Today One Stands In Admiration Before The Tremendous Stone Monuments With Their
Colossal, Smooth Blocks Of Stone And Their Finely Carved Hieroglyphs And Wall Murals Of
Egypt's Achievements In Its Earliest History. The Masonry In The Pyramids Is Perhaps The Best
Known. The Egyptians Used Decimals In Their Carpentry.

The Boat Builder, And The Potter
Are Frequently Represented On Their Ancient Monuments, And We See The Blowpipe, The
Bellows, The Siphon, Harpoon, And The Razor. They Had Glazed Pottery, The Potter's Wheel,
The Kiln (Ovens For Hardening, Burning, Or Drying Substances Such As Grain, Meal, Or Clay,
Especially A Brick-Lined Oven Used To Bake Or Fire Ceramics). The Ancient Egyptians Also
Had Excellent Specimens Of Glass. From The Time Of Thutmose m, They Practiced Gold
Beading, Wire Drawing, Engraving, And Casting. The Egyptian Grew And Prepared Flax For
Their Looms. There Were Draftsmen, Lapidaries, Jewelers, And Tile Masons.
As You Take A Look In The Past Of Our Great Civilization And It's History, You Will Be
Enlightened, As You Find The True Facts Of Exactly How The Pyramid Was Built, What
Purpose Did It Serve, And What Were They Used For.

I Will Take You Through Our Egyptian Roots, And Reveal To You The Facts That Egyptologist,
And Modern Scholars Has Tried To Cover Up For So Long. Never Before Have You Ever
Gotten The Whole Story Of Egypt, The Pharaohs, And The Science Behind And In Front Of The

Scientist For Years, Have Been Trying To Figure Out And Find Out:

» Exactly How And Why Were The Pyramids Built?

» How Did The Ancient Egyptians Carry The Blocks Of Stones,
With Some Weighing Over 15 Tons To The Pyramid Site?

» What Tools Were Used To Build The Pyramid?

* How Was It Possible For Our Ancient Ancestors To Align The
Pyramids Cardinal Points To True West, East, North And South?

All Of This Was Done, Which Baffled The Modern Scientists, Archaeologists, And Engineers
Who Still To This Very Day And Trust Me, All Of Them Have Tried With All Of Their So-Called
High Technologies And They Still Can't Duplicate The Techniques Of The Great Pyramid Of
Khufu At Giza. Countless Authors Have Written Books About The Pyramid, One Of The Best,
Is A Book Called "The Orion Mystery" Unlocking The Secret Of The Pyramid, Written By
Robert Bauval And Adrian Gilbert By Crown Publishers, Inc. In New York City And "The
Message Of The Sphinx," A Quest For The Hidden Legacy Of Mankind, By Graham
Hancock And Robert Bauval.


Re: No guess really but I will enter this as a hypothesis.
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:44 am 
Tomb Robber

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Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
My name is Gene Raymond Phelps Jr. and I am one of the worlds unrecognized geniuses. I've secluded myself for most of my life because of a condition called Aspergers Syndrome. It is in so many ways debilitating. My hobbies include deep thinking and getting close to my creator. Over the years I've received great insight to the wonders of the world and the universe and would like to share with you a hypothesis on why the pyramids in Egypt and across the globe were built.
With time on your side if a person is in mind to do something, anything is posable. Science fiction to fiction, we have see examples of this phenomenon many times in our age.
I don't know what religion you study or even if you do. I was raised as a Christian Baptist and have a broad understanding of other religions as well because of study and thought.
Science has discovered four sided pyramids on almost every continent. Some exceptions are Australia and Antarctica.
Not sure how the Egyptian people will react to my hypothesis but I'm going to put it out there anyway.
It's not religious so much as it is believing that there is a creator that had a plan for the world even before the foundation of the Earth. He the creator "and that's how I will refer to the creator, as he or him because of potential religious conflict". not being constrained by time nor space, depth nor width being able to see the crossroads that humanity would be at someday and to send a profound message to the people. A unilateral message that would unfold over the ages. He being able to create something from nothing just as science fiction can become reality right before our very eyes in this day.
I truly believe that he has walked the earth in human form and possibly in animal form as well. He must have possessed great wisdom and even supernatural powers that could not be explained. Men of power because of wealth and heritage would have wanted to possess this power that could only be from He "the creator".
In my study and thought Ive come to several conclusions. So we will take a side step for now but we will return to the last paragraph.
The world and everything in it can be described through mathematics. It is the universal language and math does not lie it is the language of truth in its own right but I will not bore you with some long and confusing equation that would take a mathematician an hour to understand.
So he "or them" at one point in time must have been simple or is still simple and with that in mind I will use simple math.
I'm sure you are familiar with the sign for infinity. It is basically the number 8. The number 8 is significant because it is an even number and divisible by 1,2and 4, the same number of sides of the pyramids excluding the bottom. Also he is in an infinite time and space.
In some religions the number 7 is his number but it is an odd number that is only divisible by itself and 1, that leaves a 1 or a 7 and in some religions there is only 1 creator.
So if he is in infinity and he is the beginning "1"and the end "7\7=1" and 1+1=2.
Now that is profound in some religions because it suggest that he is not by himself or he is two even though he is one. Please follow! In other words he is both here and there at the same time and that would prove infinity and a spirit in this world.
Next is space. We all know that space exists because men have been there and we can see it and we can also see the stars. As powerful as our telescopes are we can not see the end of space and is likely that space is infinite as well. We are on a physical planet in a physical space and it's our reality. Our experience of life proves it without a doubt that we exist and he exist, math does not lie.
So us as intelligent beings and having dominion over all other creatures gives us as individuals the unique number of 3. The number 3 repeats itself on earth time and time again. And I would be glad to give you every example I know of but you would get tired of reading. I'll give just a couple of examples to prove the hypothesis.
We all know that a three legged table can stand upright on all of its legs and doesn't require shims under one leg like a four legged table does. The four faces of the pyramids are a triangle. In one religion there is a trinity "father, son and Holy Spirit".
The next is 4 just like the faces of the pyramids. Just like the number of human races "black man, yellow man, red man and white man". I don't want to start a race war by making that statement so please allow me to finish. We know that cross breeding can and has taken place it's just a fact and that's how we wound up with brown men and grey men and I'm sure if we looked hard enough we could find a purple man out there somewhere. LOL!
Three and four are relative in many ways and I will cover that later.
So next is 5 and that is another odd number that is only divisible by itself and one and in some religions it is the number most associated with religion. Five wounds that Jesus suffered, five pillars of Islam and five sides of those pyramids including the bottom.
Next is the number 6 the perfect number. It has more religious meaning than almost any other number. Look it up in Wikipedia and you will see. The Star of David is opposing triangles almost like both a right side up and an upside down pyramid sharing the same space. The lion and the lamb in one being and that is Christ's number because no one but him is perfect and he is on the right hand of Him "the creator" as he is looking down upon us from heaven. Jesus is returning from the west.
Sorry for pushing!
So back to the top. See now that Christ has been all over the earth in physical men of every race and has wisdom beyond all understanding men wanted to possess it and he knew it. He also needed proof that he had been there as well, he gave them limited information. He always had an identifying mark above his left eye, no matter what time and place he visited. A four pointed star just as Moses who was in Egypt around that time, but Moses was not a native Egyptian. He had the mind of Christ though. So he told the men that wanted that power that they could obtain it if they search.
They asked how and he gave them limited information. He said its on my forehead! They saw a diamond above his left eye and he said to them it's a pyramid. They assumed it was a four sided "five if you include the bottom" pyramid because of the four pointed star but in all actuality it's a four sided pyramid including the bottom! LOL!
So the pyramids got built the same way all over the globe so there would be empirical proof, conclusive proof that life goes on and on in The Kingdom of Heaven!
Now you are going to ask how I know this! I'm not going to just come right out and say it, I'm going to prove it!
I told you that 3 and 4 are related right? So hear goes. If you have four two dimensional triangles and you put them together you make a pyramid right? If you look at it from the top or any side it's a triangle right? And if you can see through it and line up the opposing leading edges so that they intersect like a cross than you have a star "a diamond", "a precious but deadly gem".
Christ "The all Seeing Eye"!

Thank you for reading. Feel free to publish my work I would appreciate it if you do.
I've already cracked the mystery of creation and I also know how the pyramids were built. I've got the solution to oil and have an engine design that goes perfectly with the very inexpensive fuel source.

Raymond Phelps


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