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Aahotep - The Greek IO?
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Could Aahotep be IO2, mother of Ahmose and Kamose?
"Bietak has suggested the way (or a way) ahead. The Thebans, and not the Hyksos, were
in contact with Knossos, where it is possible (but not proven) that a woman, the Mistress of
Animals, occupied the throne of Minos. He suggests that Aahotep, the Egyptian born wife of
Sekenenre Tao, and mother of Kamose and Ahmose, may hold the key to the Minoan wallpaintings
at Avaris. Her superlative titles on the victory stele of Ahmose set up at Karnak may
represent a dynastic link between the Thebans and Knossos.44 If this suggestion proves
correct, a Minoan presence in Egypt during the later Hyksos period can be added to the sparse
evidence for Minoan activity at that time in the south-eastern Mediterranean and the Nile
Valley,45 and a prelude to the arrival of Aegean envoys and bearers depicted in the Theban
tombs during the reigns of Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. Indeed, fact at Avaris may prove to
be stranger than fiction — a remarkable woman came from Crete with Minoan forces. She or
her daughter became accepted as an Egyptian, married a Theban hero, and was celebrated at
Avaris for her part in the salvation of the Two Lands." - p7

Aahotep Info: ... peix71.htm
"Epaphus (PHARAOH) of EGYPT ; ``founded a new dynasty''; poss. same as Ahmose I, q.v."

The geneaology of the Greek IO, married to Zeus... Seems to match up with Tao II...
maybe the wife of Tao is IO?

Kamose is called the "moon bull". If Epaphus means Apis in Greek, which means Bull... Kamose could be Epaphus.

If this theory is valid... then the city of "Memphis" could hold a key... Kamose does conquer Memphis.

"Ahmose-Nofreteroi" appears to be the daughter of Kamose... she appears to be portrayed as Black...

The daughter of "Epaphus" is called "Libya" ... With names like Bull, Memphis, and Libya... these could definitely be symbolic names.

Continuing this line
... this would make Ahmose poseidon
... it would make Amenhotep 1 ????? Poseidon2?, Annipe
... Thutmosis 1 would be ???? time of Busiris?, Timeframe for Nilus
... Thutmosis 2 would be Belus (symbolic name given to the Napolean of Ancient Egypt), timeframe for Heracles 5 (Cretan Hercules who writes Phrygian Books)
... Thutmosis 3 would be Egyptus (Timeframe of Danaus)
... Amenhotep 2 would be ?????
... Thutmose 4 would be Horus (Founds colony in Troezen)(Timeframe of Myrina)
... Amenhotep 3 would be Ammon (Conquers Crete)(2 wives... Gi and Ta... called Geta by diodorus)(links to amyclas)
... Amenhotep 4 would be ?????
... Horemheb is timeframe for Proetus 2.

Greek info available here: []

Genealogy has IO1 and Serapis two or 3 generations before IO2. I have this Serapis in Libya/Cyrene... the genealogy dies off quickly though. Seems to match up with timeline of Apepi Ausere, who worships Set. Serapis is more theoretical, though.


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