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Smenhkhara Akhenaten
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:11 am 
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Definitely being well foretold as a native jewish noble I(Svetozar Metodiyev Popstoykov the rheincarnated great Pharaoh~Smenhkhara Akhenaton,i.e.-the late King Aye of Egypt-the future ‘soulful’ prince Jesus (Yeshua Ben Yosef) of Israel who all are one and the same ‘Alien’ Person At Different Historical Times/ , have some crucial facts to say!!!!
First,the pharaoh Akhenaton had come into power in Egypt aboard his flying plate from the sky as a noble cosmic citizen around less than 100 years,before the chieftain Moses,being a native egyptian magic master, ran from Egypt to Hanaan to study the magic crafts under the guidence of the unifyng cemites’civilization on the lebanese mountain near Israel,where later was proclaimed a jewish leader!
And The Second,Moses-the rheincarnated vizier Ay Tutmos,or the future Mohamed,i.e.Buddah,Tsin(Shi Huandin) and finally Stalin,perpetually being rheincarnated,is a typical ancient prophet,especially when has to gain his second ‘spiritual’ half during a historical conflict,as in the times of a war and revolution-by fighting with his spiritual daughter-the rheincarnated queen Nefertiti,or later Achilles,who is the real timer of Moses!
Third,the vizier Ay Tutmos,has also another half spiritual son,who is very rare,and that is Prince Amenhotep IV,or later Jesus Christ-(the one with the soul of a child),who afterthat combining with the first spiritual half coming from his spiritual father-the vizier,is crowned as great egyptian Pharaoh under the name~Akhenaton-a semidetached creature-The Born ME,possessing the spiritual halves of the one father within the spiritual body of the ‘soulful’ one child-yet becoming an adult.


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