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The effect of Ptolemaic reign on Religion and Language
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The effect of Ptolemaic reign on Religion and Language

The effect of Ptolemaic reign on Religion and Language
No body knew the real meaning of the name Pharaoh If you want to knew you must understand Hebrew ,and Hieroglyphics. We commonly refer to the kings of Ancient Egypt as "Pharaohs". This was in fact the word used by the Greeks and the Hebrews to denote the rulers of the Nile-country.
Ptolemy II ordered some Jews in Egypt (72 members) (called SEPTUAGINT) to wright down the old testament by the Greek language. There are many types of Greek language : Ionia , Athens , Corinth , Argos , Euboea , and Modern Greek. I discovered the confusion occurred in letters "L" and "ph".during the catastrophic Ptolemaic reign .That was a little from a disastrous effect upon religion and language of both Egyptian and Jews .

[ The Rosetta stone had been written since 196 BC . The Macedonians and Ptolemies changed some signs from THE ORIGINAL HIEROGLYPHIC LANGUAGE and added many others. So the Rosetta Stone is not a reliable Document to knew the original signs for sure but still the best guide.]

The Original "L" Sign

The secret of letter ā€œ L ā€ in Hieroglyphic During the Ptolemaic Dynasty which lasted from 305 BC to 30 BC They changed the letter - L - to the setting lion to match with the name of the king Ptolemy - in hieroglyphic lang.- and to add greatness to the cartouche titles. How to reveal the secret of letter - L - in hieroglyphic lang. The Rosetta stone was a decree from Ptolemy 5 in a gesture of thanks to the priests for helping him to defeat the enemy . This decree is in 196 BC and also after 120 from the beginning of the Ptolemaic dynasties - by another wards after the vanish of original letter L . The decree had three kinds of writing system hieroglyphic lang. demotic and ancient Greek . But of course the original letter L was not there. Some of the Egyptologists say that the standing lion gives the sound value of - mai - and the crouched lion gives the sound value of - rw - or ru . Also as letter sometimes It is R and sometimes It is L .
In site like this one : It mentioned something else .
The mouth is used for the - L - sound in words like - law and land . ( which is the same sign for letter R ) I disagree with all of this . I am sure that some of the Egyptologists knew the original and the actual letter L , BUT WHY THEY DID NOT REVEAL IT? This is the secret of letter L in Egyptian Hieroglyphic Lang.

The secret of letter P in Egyptian Hieroglyph

The first one who changed the the original letter L in his cartouch name was Alex. the great. And the first one who changed the original letter F in his (cartouche) name was the successor of Alex.the great (king Philip). The original letter F is a horned viper. The original letter P is a square hole . The Graeco (Macecdonian) changed the horned viper to the square hole , and invented a new P which is the same square hole with swirl sign beside it. (See Pharaoh Philip cartouche ) The v. important confusion Some writers may used the new letter Ph instead of letter P (THE ORIGINAL pronunciation) in their translations. ( Transliterations ) .
The Egyptian language during the Graeco period is not like the Original Hieroglyphic Language, as a matter of fact the Rosetta stone is the only guidance for the Ptolemy reign. Refer to :
( Egyptian names during the PTOLEMAIC REIGN )

The only one GOD who create and control the universe alone. The Akhnaten's Monotheism is exactly like Moses's Monotheism Akhnytin Mythology: (Atenism) His reign from : 1351 - 1334 BC
The depiction of the Mythology:
The one essence who is the uniqu person depicted as the sun disc with rays like arms all over the universe . In the sun disc there are the symbol of KINGSHIP and ETERNITY. Omni presence. Omni potence. Out of resemblance. Out of comparison. No similar or like. Uniqu singular being. Create and control the universe alone. Immortal , Immutable , and Infinite. This is MONOTHEISM Atenism is Akhenaten's Monotheism. He never said that he is a son of Aten . He said in his hymn: 'How manifold it is, what thou hast made! They are hidden from the face (of man). O sole god, like whom there is no other, Thou didst create the world according to thy desire, Whilst thou wert alone: All men, cattle, and wild beasts, Whatever is on earth, going upon (its) feet, And what is on high, flying with its wings.

My discoveries
This is my discoveries in HIEROGLYPHIC LANGUAGE
1- I discovered the original letter ā€œLā€.( Hieroglyphic )
2- The actual source of the name " Pharaoh " .
3- The actual source of the name " Miser " ( Egypt ).
4- The decoding of the symbolism of Egyptian Mythology .
5- Moses's Monotheism is exactly like AkhenIten's Monotheism.
6- The proper pronunciation of " Moses " is ... by Egyptian tongue and by Hebrew tongue " Moshea " .
7- The most important discovery is that :
The Ten Commandments is written by Egyptian Hieroglyphic language as a matter of fact there was no Hebrew Language(writing system)in this particular time.

During the Middle Kingdom and the beginning of the New Kingdom, there were about 750 to 800 signs in use. Some signs had a phonetic value, others had one or more ideographic meanings and an occasional sign would have a phonetic and an ideographic meaning, depending on its context. By the beginning of the Greek-Roman era, the number of signs was drastically increased to several thousands, and the meaning of individual signs was increased as well. Some signs that used to be ideograms before, obtained phonetic values based on the variety of words the ideograms represented.

What Role Did Language Play in Ptolemaic Egypt?

Egyptian identity had, from the beginning, included use of the Egyptian language. Immigrants were expected to learn Egyptian and often took, or were given, Egyptian names. Akkadian and Aramaic had each served as a lingua franca for the Near East, the former during the New Kingdom and the latter during the Persian empire, and many Egyptians dealing with international affairs would have had to learn a foreign language. But in the Ptolemaic period, the size of the Greek-speaking population (some descendants of merchants who had been settling in the Delta for several generations, some mercenaries from the wars of Alexander the Great and their descendants) combined with the fact that Ptolemy and the other soldiers who captured Egypt were Greek-speaking led to a situation where two languages, and two cultures, existed side by side. Greek became the language of administration (the early Ptolemies gave special tax discounts to Greek schoolteachers in order to train enough people to be literate in Greek to take over administration from the Egyptian speakers), the language of the court, the language of Greek culture, and the language of Alexandria (the capital) and the Fayyum (where many Greek-speaking mercenaries and their families were given farmland as pay for their service to the state). But the Egyptian language remained the language of the vast majority of the population, the language of the temples, and the language of Egyptian culture. The language in which a contract was written determined whether it followed Egyptian law or Greek law (all residents in Egypt were also subject to royal law).

Some Greek mercenaries-turned-settlers married Egyptian women, some Egyptian bureaucrats learned Greek to keep their upper-level administrative jobs, and a group of bilingual, bicultural individuals and families developed who had double names (a Greek one for jobs felt to be "Greek," an Egyptian one for jobs felt to be "Egyptian" and for use in the temples when serving as priests, making donations, etc.) and seemingly easily moved into and out of different groups in society. Such individuals would have had multiple self-identities, which included them in these several groups.

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wao nice information my friend.i like it.


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mosy wrote:
Metamorphic AdditivesEdit
From unitarian doctrine to pagan deviation.
Idolator dogma spread during Ptolemaic reign.

[ Ptolemy v Epiphanes 204 - 181 BC had the title of the apparent GOD ]

The Ptolemaic Doctrine plus Greek Philisophy leaded to ( 2 = 1 ) .

Christianity was originally actually an Egyptian doctrine.
A copied form of deity from a number of pre-existing mythologies!


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