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It's tough to be king! (Casual Rp, plannin'!)
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Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  It's tough to be king! (Casual Rp, plannin'!)

I might make a serious Rp soon, but for now, I'm testing the waters. This is my first big TuT! Rp, so bear with me. ^_^; Also, there is fantasy in here, but I'm going as close to history as possible.

Tut was never meant to be a pharaoh: the son of Akhenaten, the heretic king, was meant for something much lower. Kicked out of school at the age of nine, he wished for something better to come along. He hated his dad, wanting almost nothing to do with him. The next day, Akhenaten was found dead in his chambers, and Tut was coincidently crowned king, his elder brother Smenkhare vanished mysteriously. Egypt was indeed, royally screwed

At age 17, Tut has already formally re-instated the old Gods, his father's religion nothing more than a mere memory. At age 13, Amun had given him the power to fight, granting him his own golden bow and arrows. The great God said the boy would need it one day, but when...?

Meanwhile, the Gods have agreed to let Akhenaten--rather, the spirit of Akhenaten--free on one condition--he had to watch over the boy king and fight alongside him in the battles to come. If he failed this, Amun had decreed he be sent to oblivion, where souls were never seen again.

And one night, Tut was watching the stars from his bedroom window, feeling as if...he were missing something in his life. Yet he had it all--his sister and wife, his best friend Nakhtmin--a young boy second in command to Horemheb--and a kingdom, above all things. But that night, it all changed.

Akhenaten was kicked out--literally--of the realm of the Gods, and fell from the sky. No, Tut, that's not a shooting star heading for your window...

With the sudden appearence of his dead father, Tut had it harder than anything. He hated his father for a lot of reasons--why should he make a bond with him now, Akhenaten had completely ignored him before in life. Only few people knew of Akhenaten's return--Tut, Akhesenamun, Nakhtmin, Ay, and Horemheb. It would be a secret kept only between them.

In the distence, under the pyramids of Giza, an old enemy of the Gods waited. Set the red, who-with Horus-was a guardian over the sun and moon disks long ago. However, Set had become greedy, and sent a mortal to obtain them, for the Gods could not enter the pyramid under any circumstances, or they would be answering to Re. The plan backfired, however, and the mortal was killed. Worse: a great and wrathful earthquake came, and the disks shattered, scattering across the land of Egypt. Only two great kings could control these disks, the chosen ones who would restore order and balance, and defeat chaos.

Set had learned about Akhenaten's return from an ally--Montu, the God of War. Set's plans were to be set in motion soon, and his ultimate goal would be reached: to destroy mankind and rule the cosmos. Having stolen the chronos power from Amun, he brought back from the future a strong king who revered him: Ramesses II. Smenkhare had been taken in by the evil God as well, as a son and prince, heir to rule chaos.

Tut and Akhenaten must learn to work together in order to defeat Seth and his companions. But how long will it take for the father and son to finally bond? (Tut is 13 now).

That's the story so far, here is the Rp:

Now that Akhenaten is back, it has been a few days, and Tut has gotten lazier than ever. Even with the threat of a battle from a foreign land ((Does anybody remember...which war Tut supposedly fought in?)), he just wasn't in the mood to play king anymore. Using a disguise to get away from it all--a simple cloak and kilt, no royal garb to speak of--he ran away into the village, hoping to cut a break and have some fun. But not if Akhenaten had to say anything about it!

There ya go. ^_^; I'm making a list here of all the regualr canon TuT! characters, and if you make up a custom character, fill out a character sheet. ((Unless you wanna make one for a main character, that's fine too. ))


Tut: the_tutness_is_here
Akhenaten(Tut's father):BelovedofWa'Enre
Akhesenamun(Sena, Tut's sister):anhk-of-life
Nakhtmin(Second in command of army): the_tutness_is_here
Ay(High Priest):
Akila/Hatshepsut(Tut's new head scribe and teacher): miss akila
Smenkhare(Tut's older brother): the_tutness_is_here
Ramesses II:


(The brothers--Ptah is the half-brother):
Amun: the_tutness_is_here


Osiris(Maya's patron God):
Isis(Hatshepsut's patron Goddess):
Horus: the_tutness_is_here
Set(Ramesses II's patron God):
Nephthys: DM28
Montu(Horemheb's patron God):
Anubis(Nakhtmin's patron God):
Min(God of Rain, Ay's patron God):
Hathor(Sena's patron Goddess):
Re(Father of Amun, Atum, Aten and Ptah. On vacation while all this is going on. This is what drama you get for putting Amun in charge...):
Sekhmet(Ptah's wife):
Khonsu(Tut's patron God, Amun and Mut's son): the_tutness_is_here
Mut(Amun's wife):

Here is the sheet:

Background story:

Enjoy, and obey the Rp rules DM28 put up! XP

Author:  Dark_Meryetamun_28 [ Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:49 am ]
Post subject: 

YES! I can be Nephthys!

*Cough* Sorry.

Name: Nephthys.
Age: Eternal.
Height: Around 5'6".
Weight: 130ish.
Sex: Female.
Race: Goddess.
Position/Rank: Goddess of the dead, answers to Ma'at, Osiris, and Re.
Location: The realm of the gods, specifically the underworld.
Occupation: Goddess of the dead.
Nephthys was born with three siblings from her mother Nut. Although Geb was her true father, he never acted like one, and so she grew close to Thoth instead.

Forced to marry Set, Nephthys watched Isis and Osiris in their happy marriage. She was envious of them, not only because she could never have that with the unfaithful and lawless Set, but also because she, too, felt something for her nicer brother...

And so, one desperate night, she posed as Isis and tricked him. Nephthys felt terribly guilty for betraying her siblings, and vowed never to do so again. From that union came Anubis, the son she could not afford to raise herself. The moment Isis found him in the reeds was the epitome of Nephthys' guilt.

She re-established her loyalty when she aided Isis and Osiris against her husband, but watching Isis with the one she loved as well, raising her child, continued to fill her with despair. She continues to attempt at making things right regardless of her condition, trying with all that she is to remain on the side of order when everything else is pulling her into chaos.


Yes I am terribly enthusiastic about Nephthys. <.< >.> Does it show?

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Thu Aug 10, 2006 10:55 am ]
Post subject: 

Oh, I was waiting for that...X3 She's all yours, hun, no questions asked!

I love yer storyline, too, I was just reading about some of that in my mythology book...dude, I did so much myth research for this...@_@ But anyway, I'm so glad yer in this!

Author:  Dark_Meryetamun_28 [ Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks! I actually have my own story about Nephthys...except it's a tad different than yours. I'm writing it out...first chapter's done, I think. I might consider posting it on KTO when I've written more.

But enough chitchat, more people join! :)

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Fri Aug 11, 2006 8:58 am ]
Post subject: 

Dude, that's freakin sweet. ^_^ I would love to read your Nephthys story, you got me interested...XD

Yes, we need recruits! The Tutness want Rp! *Poses*

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Sun Sep 24, 2006 7:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ya know, also, if we can get an Akhenaten, we could start like, right away...XD I edited the story and expanded it a little, and added a few more characters...^_^

Author:  BelovedofWa'Enre [ Tue Jan 16, 2007 3:43 pm ]
Post subject: 


Name:Akhhheeeeenaten, biiitches!! :D *wooot* I prefer Wa'Enre if thou dost not miiind. =3
Age:....I am already dead.....I no longer age...But I died at the age of....*sigh*...33.
Height:6'7"....Yes, I know...I am rather taaaaalll, aren't I....? o_o;
Weight:....None of your business. >:P
Sex:Yes, please. Heh. Male.
Race:Egyptian spirit....
Postion/Rank:....Spirit...All the 'gods' hate me....So I have to answer to all of them....Thank Heaves Aten has my back! :D
Location:Currently....? Looking at my son...Who is seething with rage and hate....*eep*
Occupation:TO HELP TUT!! XD
Bio:Born to Nebmaatre and Tiye...I was ignored and cast into the shadow of my 'normal' brother Thutmose...Despite that we were so different we got along quite well....When he died my world was torn apart....I was thrust into the sunlight as Egypt's next Horus.....

When the joyous day came that my father died I did what was required and then....I answered to no one.

My marriage to Nefertiti was not as it appeared....I found solace in Kiya, but then she was taken from me...As were most of my children....And family....

Then one thing that kept me going after Kiya's death...My God....was and is rejected by my people...Though I know Him to be True...To be the Only One....I am filled with despair, but I cannot really doooo anything about it....*smiles* The only thing I can make things right with my son....and show him the Truth....I do not know if he will listen, let alone forgive me, but it looks as though we, HE, has no choice....

Taaaaaa-daaaaa! Now you have an Akhenaten!! Let's play!!!! :D

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 3:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

Dude, you are sooo close to my Akhenaten manga character, it's not even're it! Congrats! XD

Finally I can post something...>_>

By the way, I like that backstory you had...though in my manga, he was put in a dark place in the palace, never really seen until his older brother( Who, might I add, was his ONLY ally...glad you said that too) and father died, in which he became king, was taunted by his people and went on a massacre because he went temporarily insane due to his yellow eye, which is a birth defect, his "cursed" eye (The left one, I mean...the right one is violet)...I call it the "evil eye", he has it under control now, but..Set knows how to "activate" it, though even Akhenaten can't remember how he slaughtered some people, but that's why he left to build his new city, to forget all that. He's got his kids...Smenkhare was supposed to be king, but joined Set to conquer the human race, and thus actually killed Akhenaten to get him out of the way. He forgot about Tut though, who became king right after. XD

Akhenaten is cynical...basically, he doesn't get along well with Tut to begin with, but he is trying to reconcile with him, for Kiya's sake at first, but...then later on...they actually repesct each other. For now, Akhenaten just wants to protect the kid until he's achieved the whole divine right thing. XD He doesn't like it, he was kicked out by Amun himself, and he's not looking foward to fighting baddies alongside his son, but...he'll do it. Though there is a part in him, which he won't admit cause he's too proud...that he loves his son, and he's there for him, no matter what. He calls his son "kid", but then after Tut was killed the first time, and Akhenaten brought him to Osiris to temporarily bring him back to beat Set, THEN he calls him "Tut", or son.

And that would be him in General...though I do like your approach. It's hard to make Akhenaten laugh, he's very sarcastic and cynical, not to mention the trust issues and abandonment issues. And I put his age of death at 37, but 33 is fine too. XD Wait...33 and 4 years, cause Tut is 13...he's 37 now...yea, he WAS 33 when he died, my bad! XD You win this time.

The Tutness will post, apologies! ^_^;

And yes, Akhenaten has a weapon's a double-headed spear, looks like this:

And a present for you, as need a good signature:

Hope you like, might have to resize it buuuut...X3

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 3:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

The desert at night was...pretty cold, and on occasion a chilly wind blew through the air and stung bitterly at the noses of many an Egyptian who walked the city of Memphis so late. In the palace, the king was in bed, and opened one dark purple eye slowly to look out the window at the moon. For some strange reason, he felt such a connection with it. The moon gave him a sense of peace, and hope. He opened both eyes now, and sat up, rubbing the top of his head. He continued to look out the window and felt the breeze sneak in, and he shivered. But just because his bastard father was the sun, and could easily give him warmth...he wouldn't ask. Albeit like his father, he was stubborn and determined, which was a good and bad thing. But his father did terrible things as Ay had told him, and he had just restored order to Egypt after that horrid mess.

He rubbed his arms with his hands, and shivered a bit, feeling the cold air bite at him with subtle nips. He glared a bit, and rose from the comfort of his bed. He walked over to the other side of the room, and touched his crown...the symbol of his power, a golden nemes headress with black stripes and a vulture and cobra at the front. He frowned a little, and shook his head. He quickly changed from a nightrobe to a kilt, with the blue and purple sash, and left his gold jewelry and arm braces be. He would not need those for where he would go. He needed to get away...from his father, from the court...everyone, at least for a little while.

"A vacation.." He murmured his decision. "That's all I need..."

The boy looked down from the window...a little too high for him. He frowned, and thought it best to sneak out safely. He took his bow and arrows with him, just in case, and snuck down the dark corridor. He felt so naked without the crown on his head, but he decided not to bring it--would cause too much of a stirr in the outside world. He managed to sneak past sleeping guards, and beyond the gate quiet as a mouse. He smiled to himself, and took a deep breath to taste his newfound freedom.

He walked into the city, and all was quiet except for those that only come out at night. He got suspicious stares from those sitting out on the street, but he paid no mind to that. He figured it would be interesting to see how the other half lived, for now. He came upon a home and heard much laughter of many men inside. He peeked into a window and saw the group drinking beer and singing. He only quirked an eybrow, and observed the festivities.

Author:  BelovedofWa'Enre [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 7:46 pm ]
Post subject: 

Actually, I have my own manga as well...:D Starring you gueesssssed it!!! XD My boy from anooother timmmmme. :D (In mine he acts.....about how I said...I try to keep him historically accurate, but as for personality I came up with that life was....I shall explain more in IM, just ask me about it.) As for my sig....I think I Akh pic...Yes....One of them should do nicely...Though I thank you for the offer. :D (I had forgotten all about a pic.....)

Author:  BelovedofWa'Enre [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

() symbolize thoughts....I always RP in first person.....As for what is said....""....** will encase actions.....Hope I don't get anyone lossssst.....Heheheh...*cough*

I was silently monitoring that kid when he was asleep....Of course, that would make me seem weird.....Especially if someone had seeeeen me....*grimaces* So, I took up sentry on the roof....It wasn't like he was moving or doing anything besides snoring anyway....And there I sat, contemplating our dilemma. (He hates me. I ignored him. Yet here we are forced to have to work together.....)*frowns deeply* I thought about lots of different things....But what, mainly, goes on in the sanctity of my own mind is none of your business....:P So, like I was saying..I was sitting there untill I heard a noise...*leans forward untill falls off roof, hovers upside down, whilst peering into Tut's room* (What the hell is he doing.....?) *listens intently, staying out of sight untill Tut leaves room*

*crosses arms* "Vacation??? What the Hell is wrong with that kid?? Imma' kick his ass!!! He cannnot do this NOW!!"

And so I follow him....Of course, I stay out of his line of sight...(He's so caught up in sneaking past the guards and getting into town he doesn't see me.....Nasty place anyway...? Why the heelllll did they come back here??? It's trashy...)*sneers, face quickly returns to normal set when he realizes Tut has stopped* (What is he.....?) Music and laughter fill the air....Something the kid is not accustomed to hearing...I stopped laughing when Kiya died....And could not look him in the face because he made me think of her....(Is he paused in wonder or thinking of going in....? Whatever he is is the time for me to stop him before he tries to continue his dumbass 'vacation' idea....) *narrows eyes, and floats to ground lightly*

"You Atendamned Kid!!! What do you think you are doing??? Going on vacation??? Voyuering drunk men??? Get your ass back to the Palace!!! You are needed here!!! NOW!!! You cannot just cut and run when things get bad, kid. Grow up, and lead your country!!" *crosses arms*

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

The king jumped and squeaked at the noise behind him, and he turned around, his eyes widening in fright and anger. "Wha....what the Hell are ya doing here, ya fatass, yer gonna get us--" Too late. He heard the music stop, and the men looked out the window, and headed to the door to investigate. Tut squeaked again, and ran for the outskirts of the town, nearest the Nile. He collapsed by a tree, and sat underneath it, shading him from the light of the full moon.

He panted heavily for breath, and glared into space. How did he...? How could Amun-Re DO this to him!? Why HIM, his FATHER? Amun-Re could've picked anyone else to do the whole "guardian" deal, but why the one person he dispised the most? He brought his knees to his chest, and shivered from the cold night air. His teeth chattered lightly, and he mumbled curses under his breath.

Author:  BelovedofWa'Enre [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 8:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

"Damnit, boy!! Why the hell did you run all the way out here??? What for the love of fuck is wrong with you???" *glares, and crosses arms across chest impatiently* "You are going to have to learn to deal with my presence all over again, got it? I do not want to be here anymore than you want me to be here....And if you do not believe that, then you are more ignorant than I ever took you for."

*squats in front of Tut* "Anywhere you go I have to follow, come Hell or the Flooding of the Nile. Accept it. Better yet get over it. You and I have to work as a team. There is nothing we can do." *frowns* (Damn punk....Looks like Kiya......)

Author:  the_tutness_is_here [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

Tut's glare focused on his father now. He kept shaking from the cold, and he looked down, closing his eyes. "You weren't around much when you were alive...what makes you think you'll be around so much this time around...? I think I can handle things myself...I...think...I..." His sentences were broken as his teeth chattered all the more, and he looked away, a bit embarressed. His father was the source of all warmth...but he wouldn't ask for HIS help. He felt he could live on just fine.

Author:  BelovedofWa'Enre [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

*narrows eyes, frown deepens* "Is your pride so great as to not allow you to ask for help.....? *wrinkles nose* So this is what has become of my son....This is what happens when officials run your life and control your actions....." Despite what I said to him, I didn't want the damn brat to freeze to death.....*light radiates from Akh, warming Tut* "Now, maybe since your teeth have stopped chattering I can get two sensible words out of you." *smiles weakly* "Things will be different this time.....*eyes glint, smiles to side* You shall seeeeee...."

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