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Role Playing Rules To Follow
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Author:  Dark_Meryetamun_28 [ Fri Jun 23, 2006 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Role Playing Rules To Follow

Okay, so you noticed the new forum! Good job! I'm glad you decided to plunge into the RP section. Now this might be a little new for some of you. So, I'll outline some things to know about role playing.

1. When joining a serious RP, make a character sheet.
This rule is for those RPs that really want to be historically accurate as well as have a real and concrete plot. Character sheets are basic outlines of who your character is and a bit about their background. We'll get to it later, but post yours in the correct thread so other RPers know who you are and how to respond to you.

2. Do not "Mary Sue."
A Mary Sue is basically a character with no faults or weaknesses. It's unrealistic and annoying for other RPers if your character gets the spotlight all the time and never does anything wrong. Remember, even though it's fiction, characters are supposed to act like real people!

3. Do not ever RP another person's character.
RPing someone else is forbidden in basically any RPing site on the internet. It's inconsiderate and also highly irritating. Would you like it if someone tried moving your arm for you for their own reasons? I didn't think so. You may, however, RP characters that don't belong to anyone, such as a vendor in a marketplace or a passerby on a street.

4. Pay attention to the plot and posts above you.
Those posts and the plot are what determine the RP itself. Make sure that your replies are coherant and relevant to the storyline.

5. Try to stay short and to the point, and be legible, please.
no 1 wntz 2 red pgz n pgz o tis. (Translation: No one wants to read pages and pages of this.) Right? Of course right. Please, please, try to keep your spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum. Also, unless necessary, a nice short post would do better than a long one.

Author:  Dark_Meryetamun_28 [ Fri Jun 23, 2006 1:23 am ]
Post subject: 

Now here's some basic rules if you want to make an RP.

1. Decide on how serious you want your RP to be and label it.
An RP has about three settings. There's serious RPs, casual RPs, and non-serious RPs. The serious RPs read like a published book and have character sheets. The casual RPs have strong plots, but aren't as strict when it comes to correctness. It's preferred, but not always mandatory. Non-serious are usually random and silly. When I say to label it, I mean to put it in the title along with the name. For example: "She Came From The Sun (Serious)."

2. Depending on the level of seriousness, make the plot.
When you start an RP, you set the stage. Don't just tell RPers that they're in the reign of Hatshepsut, give them a conflict. The more serious the RP, the more detailed the plot.

3. Design a character sheet. (Serious and Casual RPs only)
Character sheets really depend on the RP in question, which is why it is the RP maker's job to design it. A basic one looks like this:

Race: (Fantasy RPs include different races like elves and such, but here, some characters could be foreigners.)

Whatever your RP needs, put it in the character sheet. Put this in another thread and label it. Example: "She Came From The Sun (Character Sheet)." For serious RPs, the RP maker needs to look at all the characters and choose which ones to accept and which to decline.

4. Please research. (Serious and Casual RPs only)
For your RP, research is necessary, unless you bring in a fantasy element. Even then, you most likely need to research at least something. If you find something that won't be common knowledge in your research, it'd be a good idea to explain that in the post you make with the character sheet outline. The more the RPers know without giving out the plot, the better quality your RP will be.

5. Keep it tame.
Remember that younger audiences get on this board. Keep adult themes off KTO, or your RP will be deleted.

Author:  Dark_Meryetamun_28 [ Fri Jun 23, 2006 1:25 am ]
Post subject: 

Above all, respect each other and have fun! I will still moderate this forum, remember, so this is not a free-for-all. Try to keep it about ancient Egypt, but I won't delete a good RP just because it's not all about Egypt. :P I just don't want you forgetting what KTO's all about, though. Enjoy!

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