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Hi Everybody!
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Author:  Sandan.rnw [ Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  Hi Everybody!

I'm Simone. :D
I'm fifteen yo and I'm from Italy. I've been struggling w Ancient Egypt for a year now, and I'm pretty satisfied with my results. I join with the same name in the most popular italian egyptology forum (maybe someone of you knows EgittoPhil├Ča, too?), and that's where I learned most of the things I know so far.
I particularly love Egyptian language, maybe because I'm really fond of languages and literature as well.
Now I'm dealing with Lebensm├╝der 130-141 and I think I'm doing pretty well. I'm studying on the Allen (I'm at chapter ten, then will go back on the nine and move straightforward to 11-12), but I'm also stuying Egyptian history (at the moment, the First Intermediate Period).

About two days ago, I started learning to read Hieratic. It's not easy at all, but I hope I'll be able to understand at least clearest writings loke the one of the Shipwrecked Sailor. I'd like to now if someone of you knows a good book to study hieratic, possibly in Pdf.


(or better, how I always greet on other forums...)
...Ciao. :)

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