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Ma'ahes welcomes all you :p
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Author:  Serving_Maahes [ Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:02 am ]
Post subject:  Ma'ahes welcomes all you :p

Hi everyone!

Of all the literally hundreds of web pages I've read, saved, and studied on ancient Egypt - or Kemet as today I've discovered it's called - this site is one of my favourites.

I found out some time ago that the names we normally call the Egyptian gods were Greek in origin, but there's so little info available in the Kemetic language that I just went with that. Today that changes. I even renamed my "Egypt" folder to "Kemet". Now I'll start referring to the Kemetic gods by their real, honoured names, though it has to be said they're not nearly as well known and will take some time to learn and get used to.

I've chosen the name Serving_Maahes (with the unintentionally alternative spelling). I know he's probably Nubian in origin, but I like that as the Lord of the Slaughter / Massacre, and the God of the Knife, he stands for protecting the innocent and devouring people offending the Order of Ma'at. I'm a guard at the local jail - Maahes (Ma'ahes) fits... (At least until the Zombie Apocalypse :twisted: )

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