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Time to bring back the Golden Age of Osiris
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:47 am 
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I just realized that Schezmu is the most important character type in Egypt and the world (as Egypt is the heart of global society)...
1.) the heart of the west is not Greece; it is, rather, Egypt, as Gerald Massey makes clear in his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World.... Egypt's eternal importance carries over to the modern day... for example, read:
The revolution in Egypt is one of the most complex but important political affairs of our time. Getting to its root is the purpose of this meta-analysis.

All earthmen are not mentally similar; there are various types of humans. In particular, there is a type of people who excel in the strategy of divide and rule, a “skill” natural to their type of brain. As my research points out, application of this ancient skill is now needless, and causes depression and dementia; and, with a little bit of effort towards building a natural ecology, these poor people can leave behind that skill and develop their logical skill, which normal people use for day to day activities, to lead healthy, happy, internally rich lives.

Until these estranged friends of ours get this message, let us discuss this skill of divide and rule, as it is politically important.

Wherever scope for division exists, these people apply this skill. The precondition is the existence of a superficial divide – which can be exaggerated by propaganda and false props (visual magic) to “prove” enmity. An example is national border, dividing people who live across the border. Another example is skin color, to sow discord among people of different skin colors. Strangers, who are benevolent, are brought under suspicion for the profit of those seeding this most typical conspiracy. Perhaps the largest such divide is blacks and whites, which is fulsomely exploited by the divide and rule-specializing type of people. And this is where Egypt comes into the picture. Egypt, the road to Africa, has a very important role in the world order – to act against this destabilization and maintain friendship between Africans and Eurasians.

Best known among the constellations is Orion, the hunter. In ancient Egypt, this constellation referred to the God Osiris. Osiris was the agent of Isis aka Gaia, the Earth Goddess based in the Himalayas, also known as Parvati consort of Shiva, who himself used to be, primarily, the ruler of the Himalayas based in Mount Kailas, Tibet.

Osiris lived in Egypt and the surrounding areas (Levant, Syria etc.), because of which we can say that the same authority existed from the Himalayas (the orient) to Egypt (a byword for the west). Thus was objective logic maintained across a huge stretch of land, and logical policies could be uniformly adopted nearly worldwide. After all, the bigger the Empire of the King, the easier it is for him to function as a true king.

Osiris was at times attacked in ancient times – by such ‘divide and rule‘ people who are too paranoid to agree to a common friendship (hopefully, their paranoia will not last) – but only to return, because Osiris alone could provide stability; that is why the resurrection of Osiris was the main them of Egyptian religion.

Why, thus, was the pharaoh a priest king, and not just a king? The goal of the pharaoh was to maintain Osiris and maintain friendship between blacks and whites, to ensure that no divide and rule occurred in the west.

Morsi tried to declare himself pharaoh, which by itself was a good thing; the only source of contention was that he was too much under the influence of some parties, unlike how a true pharaoh, who must be of the people, should be (which reminds us of the fact that the term free is cognate – and etiologically related – to the term pharaoh).

And this is where current affairs come into the picture. For, you see, Morsi tried to declare himself pharaoh, which by itself was a good thing; the only source of contention was that he was too much under the influence of some parties, unlike how a true pharaoh, who must be of the people, should be (which reminds us of the fact that the term free is cognate – and etiologically related – to the term pharaoh). In this connection his relationship with the Islamic Brotherhood comes into the picture. Was he being pressurized by terrorists, like those who unjustly killed Gaddafi and attacked the US Embassy in Benghazi? Unless that doubt is conclusively resolved, until the pharaoh truly becomes free, it is no true pharaoh.

Or was Morsi free and thus capable of achieving the resurrection of Osiris?

This is where we should discuss Islam. Islam is one of the great religions, but its design implies scope for abuse; human error often gets added upon its basic structure (wherein the importance of Caliph, a now-absent official, is paramount).

In theory, Islam has got its facts right – the fact regarding the resurrection of Osiris for example. The heart of Islam is not about persecutory fatwas hastily passed by poorly-informed scholars, or about restrictions on pleasure — the heart of Islam is, in fact, the resurrection of Osiris. That is why the intellectual leadership of Sunni Islam is traced to the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, which was founded in 970 or 972 by the glorious Fatimid Empire as a Madrasa or centre of Islamic learning; that is why, in 2009, Obama spoke at Al-Azhar and declared, “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. It was Islam — at places like Al-Azhar — that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment.” In the Islamic context, the resurrection of Osiris implies the presence of a common authority (the promised Mahdi, or supreme Caliph) ruling the many Islamic regions in the Himalayan theater (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Burma, and even Iran) as well as the west (Egypt). If that is done, divide and rule can be overcome. That is why the Dalai Lama, whose title breaks down into D (the usual deific prefix) + Allah, is important to true Islam.

2.) I doubt if anyone realizes the sheer importance of Shezmu, who is mentioned as executioner of Osiris?
See, according to the biblical story, Reuben had the inheritence of Jacob, but after he slept with Jacob's maid (now demythize that) -- the birthright went to Joseph, who was associated with Egypt if anyone recalls the story
Which means that the greatest leader of the syllogicians is based in Egypt (and that's understandable given how he has (possibly abusable) power over what ALL Africans think in the context of Afro-Eurasians.

I show how conciliation of Shezmu is the means by which we can resurrect Osiris and bring back the Golden Age!!
Please find details at my website, google search for djedefsauron


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