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Here's all the information I could find:


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Here's what I found:

1. "Six kings may have ruled in the 2nd dynasty, which lasted little more than 200 years. The names of the first three rulers, Hetepsekhemwy, meaning "Pleasing in Powers," Raneb, meaning "Ra is the lord," and Nynetjer, meaning "Godlike," were inscribed on the back of a statue of a priest named Hotepdief. This priest presumably was in the royal mortuary cult at Saqqara for these kings." ( Source 1 )

2. "This is one of the first examples of the private statues of the Old Kingdom. For the first time, the figure is represented in a kneeling position with the hands on the knees.

Hetepdief wears a short, round wig with small locks and a short kilt. His name and titles are inscribed on the base of the statue, while the Horus names of the first three kings of the Second Dynasty are to be found on his right shoulder.

These kings are Hetepsekhemwy, Raneb, and Ninetjer. It seems that Hetepdief served as a priest in their funerary temples.

Dimensions: Height 39 cm Width 18 cm
" ( Source 2 )

3. "This statue belonged to Hetepdief who was probably a priest connected with the temple of Lower Egypt . It is one of the earliest examples of private statuary, and more importantly, it is yet the first ancient Egyptian statue shown kneeling in the attitude of prayer while maintaining its conformity with ancient Egyptian artistic conventions: frontality, symmetry and " representativity ". Three names of 2nd dynasty-kings are incised upon the right shoulder: Hetepsekhmwi, Raneb and Nynetjer, to whom he might have served as funerary priest." ( Source 3 )

4. "A color image of the red granite temple statue of a late 3rd dynasty nobleman and functionary Hetepdief, son of Merydjehuty, can be seen in N.Reeves, Ancient Egypt the Great Discoveries, p. 74. The statue is distinguished by the series of serekh-framed names of the first 3 kings of the 2nd Dynasty - a) Hetepsekhemwy, b) Raneb and c) Ninetjer carved on the right shoulder. These establish the cult Hetepdief worked for and it is assumed, the order of succession of these kings." ( Source 4 )


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