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Ancient Egypt And Pharaohs

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:04 pm    Post subject: Ancient Egypt And Pharaohs Reply with quote

Khafer ~ Another son of Khufu ( Cheops ), Khafre ( B.C.E. ) Who is also known as Chephren Souphis succeeded Rededef who reigned only for eight years . He married his sister Khamerernebti , Meresankh lll . The second pyramid at Giza , Was atrributed to him , It is the most preserved complex of the Giza field . It valley temple is built around a core of massive blocks of local limestone , Covered with finely polished red franite . Alabasters was used for the floor of the building , As well as for the walls of some smaller rooms .

The mortuary temple was constructed of the same materials as the valley temple . Flanking the mortuary temple are five rock - cut boat pits . Most the of the casing was worn away , But that which remains , Retains such a high polish that it reflects the moon at night ! It attained a height of 143.5 Meters with a slops of 53 Degrees , 10 . The Sphinx was said to be built by Khafre , And is a part of his complex . But , When dealing with facts , The archaeologists Schoch and his mentor West had proven that it can be dated from 10,000 years ago . The Mother -Stone is that old . This just goes to show you that the archaeologists , Scientists are not sure , And have no idea When and Who and How these beautiful monuments were built . Just as the great pyramid of Cheops is a unique structure , In its own right , So is The Sphinx .

The word Sphinx comes from the greek word Sphingein , Meaning '' To Bind Or Squeeze , '' The Sphinx is shrouded in mystery . Up until 1926 A.D. It was buried up to its neck in sand . Visitors to the site , Predating 1926 A.D. Could not imagine what lay beneath the sand . That was not the first time The Sphinx had been buried with sand ; Thousand of years before 1926 A.D. During the reign of Pharaoh Thutmose IV ( 1412 - 1402 B.C.E. ) , Had cleared the sand from around it , Today , However , We know that the body of a lion lays beneath the sands , But who of you know , What secrets the desert sands conceal ? As a matter of fact , The Sphinx use to have Paws and Wings , Just like the statue of Enkidu , The Bullman , Whom The Shaggies ,
( Seti , Yeti , Seirians ) Descended from , Who was the friend of Gelgamesh , Son of Lugalbanda and Ninsun .

The Paws and Wings have been eroded . From thousands of years of Sandstorms and Floods . The Sphinx stands over 20 meters high and 57 meters long , Being originally carved from a natural rock formation . Another one of the mysteries that surrounds the monumental Sphinx is , That it faces The East . The Sphinx represents the fall of The Tribe Of Judah . It also represents Enkidu , The Bullman , As previously mentional , Enkidu Was / Is part of The Ancient Sumerian Doctrine . Accordingly , The Sphinx represents Jesus - Justus ( Cleophas ) , Son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony , And the 4 Horsemen Of The Acopalypse Too . The '' Face Of A Man '' represents humanity . The '' Eagle '' represents The Fowl of the earth , The '' Calf '' represents the wild beasts . And if you take a closer look at The Symbolism , You'll see how they tie into The Ancient Sumo , or Sumerians ,
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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:04 pm    Post subject: Advertisement

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PostPosted: Mon May 21, 2007 3:05 pm    Post subject: Ancient Egypt And Pharaohs ( ParTwo ) Reply with quote

( 1 ) . The Lion of judah = Lion Revelation 5 ; 5 , And I Quote ; And one of the elders saith unto me , Weep not ; behold , the Lion of the tribe of Juda , the Root of David hath prevailed to open the book , and to loose the seven seals thereof .
( 2 ) . Lamb of God = Calf or Bull John 1 ; 36 , And I Quote ; And looking upon Jesus as he walked , he saith , '' Behold the Lamb of God .
( 3 ) . The son of Man = Man Matthew 12 ; 32 , And I Quote ; And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man , it shall be forgiven him ; but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Gost , it shall not be forgiven him , neither in this world , neither in the world to come ,
( 4 ) . Dove or Holy Ghost = Eagel / Angel Matthew 3 ; 16 , And I Quote ; And Jesus , when he was baptized went up straightway out of the water ; and , lo , the heaven were opened unto him , and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove , and lighting upon him ;

The you have the four beast spoken of in Revelation 4 ; 7 , And I Quote ; And the first beast was like a Lion and the second beast like a Calf , and the third beast had a face as a Man , and the fourth beast was like a flying Eagle .

Now , All of this describes the picture of Enkidu , The Bullman . Now , Can you see how similar they are ? The greeks in later centuries invented Myths concerning monsters with the body of a Lion and the head of a human being ( A Woman ) Which may have been inspired by The Egyptian Sculptures . The Sphinx served its purpose well ; The greeks viewed it as a monster , Danger to Mankind . They called a Lion - Woman A Sphinx , from greek word , Meaning '' One Who Chokes Someone . '' The most famous Myth concerning a greek Sphinx has it posing riddles to a passerby and killing those who can't answer . What Animal Walks On All Four , When It Is Born , And Then When It Reaches Maturity , Walks With Two Feet ; Then In Old Age Walks With Three Feet ? Answer ? The answer is The Human Being . When you are A Baby , You Crawl On All Four ; When You Are Old Enough To Stand Erect , You Walk On Both Feet . Then Finally As You Become Older , You Need An Extra Piece Of Stick . Called A Cane To Help You Get About And Around For This Reason , Any Person Who Cultivates An Air Of Mystery Is Called Sphinxlike .

That is The Great Sphinx and its Silent Mysterious presence over the desert reinforces the notion of the mystery that surrounds the word . The Sphinx was also the symbol that represented The Holy Cat , Whom the ( Cat - Holy - Istic ) or simply Catholics followed . The Catholices are the original Sect / Cult of Christians . The Cat Became the symbols of Cleophas son of Cleopatra , Who Was / Is known as the New Isis , And Mark Anthony , Who was The New Dionysus . The Cat Deity was added and established during the time of Pharaoh Thutmose l , When he battled and overcame The Hyksos for the possession of his country , Egypt .

Now , The site where The Sphinx is situated , Was used for quarrying stone for Pyramids and Private Mastabas . It is a natural outcropping of eock . The shape of which suggested a crouching Lion , And the sculptor's chisel did the rest . In fact . If you look closely at The Hair Cut Or Wig of George Washington ( 1732 - 1799 A.D. ) . You see that it represents The Namuz , An Egyptian Headdress , Which represents The Male Lion's Mane . As seen in The Symbol Of The Sphinx , The conbination of The Pharaoh and The Lion . This is because George Washington was inducted into The Freemasonic Order by Benjamin Banneker , Also known as Big Ben Bey , A Moor , Who Designed The White House In Replica Of Casa Blanca , The White House In Morocco . George Washington was of the order of The Wigs And In Order For Him To Be President He Had To Be Initiated Into This Order .
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