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Problem about new construction hypothesis of Cheops pyramid

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:49 pm    Post subject: Problem about new construction hypothesis of Cheops pyramid Reply with quote


My name is Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez Varona. I live in Camagüey city, Cuba. I am graduated of Education, in the Physics and Electronic specialty. I work as Computer systems analyzer in a Television broadcasting of my natal city, Camagüey.

I belong to the Group for study and diffusion of the Egyptology “PA-JU-WER”, resident in Havana city, Cuba.

I possess a New construction hypothesis of the pyramids of the Valley of Gizeh, registered under License No. 90-2003 of CENDA (National Centre of Copyright) in Havana, Cuba. The same one is hosted at this moment in the following places: (main portal of the architecture and architects in Mexico) (portal of UNEAC - National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, in the province of Santa Clara, Cuba) (portal of the architecture of Chile) (website of Television broadcasting of Camagüey, where I work) (Egyptology site of Aitor, belonging to the Ring of the Egyptology in Spanish) (Egyptology site of Semíramis, belonging to the Ring of the Egyptology in Spanish) (Egyptology website of Elena, belonging to the Ring of the Egyptology in Spanish) (most important website of monographs in Spanish)

At same time it is being analyzed and discussed in the most prestigious and important forums of Egyptology in Spanish for outstanding Egyptology specialist of this topic, to be evaluated and corrected for their later worldwide publication. For what I would like, if you may, that you see it and give me your opinion.

My work consists of proposition of a new technique -or technology- to use the ramps in a completely efficient and reasonable way, accord with the time they were built.

This hypothesis presents 4 features that constitute completely new concepts regarding the previous hypotheses:
- The small dimensions that they possess regarding the pyramids and the almost null angle of slope them possess regarding the horizontal plane, of 3.9 degrees.
- The space where this hypothesis is developed constituted by the steps and borders that possess the levels of the pyramid.
- The first type uses ramps, platforms and supports for both of them, placed over the steps that conform the levels. And their quantity may vary according to the height and the type of element to elevate.
- The second type uses small sections taken from the borders of the levels. It increases in longitude and depth inside the level as the construction of the ramps advances, according with the dimensions that require the same one.

I am interested to let to know to all of you that I am not the person who said my hypotesis is the best until now: lot of people in many places in Internet and personally had told me it since 2003.

It is not my intention perform a dramatic warning about this, but I consider it is a problem to Egypt the most important specialists of this theme do not pay attention to this hypothesis in any form due they are "the best" and seems to be they are the only people authorized to discover it. It is not a lie at all: any of this data are all over Internet, both in English and Spanish on several forums. I do make public domain my hypothesis to perform a better uderstanding between me and they: the experts, and of course to people of all the world know it in freely way. Also I had declared since the beginning -in 2003, before Houdin´s BLUFF- my intentions to grant my rigths in Arabic Language to the people of Egypt because I consider it is the less thing I can do for them.

Several times many people have been asking me about if they -example Hawass, Lehner, Dodson, Craig- did not send me at least one comment about it. Then I just can reply: "they don´t ask me and I don´t know why". Of course with the time I knew the always same why: they have scare to suffer in life because of this frustration. And, logically, me: a "nobody" with not knowledges of Egyptology,architecture neither archeology, doing this is not easy to assimilate. All of it without make me any insinnuation at least.

I know it is not the site to do this but I don´t stop thinking about if it have a logical sense, and it is most relevant when I know it is not the end:

This "work" just starting now because in the same way I get this hypothesis, I know other things else related with the possibilities that Imhotep grave is located within other name, the Sphinx is not a man but a woman and not a lion but a panther.

I have to start doing this first step... but a few.

If any of you know the way that I have to proceed with it, can write me to any of my following emails:

Waiting not bother too much, sending to all of you my best wishes:

Atty. Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez Varona

I have a new hypothesis of construction of Great Pyramid and I want to show it to all of you know their opinion
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:49 pm    Post subject: Advertisement

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